Galloway Campus Parking - Reserved Parking

Reserved Parking Information

There are currently 4 reserved parking lots on the Galloway campus for Stockton faculty and staff members.  As reserved parking is  limited in these areas there is a waitlist for each lot.  When a space becomes available it goes to the next person on the waitlist. 

Lakeside Lane

Lakeside Lane is a gated parking lot located behind A through N wing.  Any parking space between the 2 gates is considered Lakeside Lane reserved parking, including the spaces against L wing and N wing.  There are reserved Guest parking spaces as well as reserved employee parking spaces alongside L wing. 

Lot 6A

Lot 6A is located near the Performing Arts Center.  This lot is an ungated lot that is reserved Monday through Thursday 7:30am-5:00pm and Friday 7:30am-3:30pm.

Auxiliary Lot A

Auxiliary Lot A is a gated lot located next to N wing and between Lots 6 & 7.

Auxiliary Lot B

Auxiliary Lot B is a gated lot located next to Big Blue sports center.


The cost to park in any of the reserved parking lots is $400 a year.  In most cases this fee is payroll deducted although cash and check payments may be made to Stockton University through the Bursar's Office.  The Parking Department will do its best to place parkers as close as possible to their offices although this is not always an option based on availability. 



Permission to use a reserved parking lot is granted on a chronological basis.  There is currently a wait list for each lot.  To be placed on a wait list for any reserved parking lot please email and include;

  • Your Name
  • Z#
  • Reserved lot location desired. (If you wish to be included on all waitlists, please provide your lot preference order).
  • Phone Number
  • Office location and normal hours of business