Stockton Laptop Buying Guide for Students



Laptop Buying Guide

An essential part of the Stockton learning experience includes student access to reliable technology. It is important for students to have uninterrupted access to a laptop that meets minimum hardware specifications. This ensures that assigned coursework can be completed efficiently and effectively. Before buying a laptop, we recommend students contact their department of study or academic advisor to determine whether there are specific hardware requirements that must be met to perform the work required by their particular program.

We recommend avoiding devices like Chromebooks or tablet computers; they may not be able to run the software required by your academic program. Our suggestion is to consider major manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Apple, as they provide excellent reliability and service. Students should first consult with their academic department and consider what computer best suits their needs and preferences. Please note that students are ultimately responsible for ensuring their chosen computer meets or exceeds any requirements specific to their program. 

Hardware  - Personal Purchases
For personal purchases, the hardware vendors below offer academic discounts. Proof of enrollment in higher education varies with each vendor. Visit the links below for full details.

Special Note: Stockton is a predominantly Windows campus. Before purchase, please consult with your academic program to determine the most compatible system type.

The Stockton University ITS Help Desk has a limited number of laptops that can be loaned out on a short term basis. To request a device for an equipment loan, please submit a request using our Laptop Loan Request form. 

Laptop Hardware Specifications





Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3

Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5



16GB DDR4 RAM or higher

Hard Drive

256GB solid-state (SSD)

 500GB solid-state (SSD) or larger


4-year hardware warranty for device repair or replacement


System (OS)

Windows 11 Professional 64-bit or MacOS 10.13+

*Some academic programs have specific application requirements only available on Windows or MacOS, check with your program first before selecting a device. 

LCD Screen

LCD capable of 1920x1080 resolution or better with a built in web cam