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Next Meetings:

 June 11, 2019 - 10:00 AM CC-MR1

September 10, 2019 - 10:00 AM CC-MR1

December 10, 2019 - 10:00 AM CC-MR1

The Information Technology Advisory board (ITAB) is a visionary, planning, working, and advisory board that serves to advise the Chief Information Officer, and other senior officers at Stockton University as appropriate, on resources and priorities concerning all aspects of computing, information management, and communication technology.  The ITAB will strive to promote a culture of innovation, flexibility, integrity and unity while committing the IT team to service goals that facilitate harmony and partnership throughout the entire institution. The work of the ITAB will promote an environment for supporting the infusion and utilization of appropriate technology to support instruction. Finally, the ITAB should continue supporting the IT division's commitment to first rate service and end-user satisfaction.

Committee Members


  • Scott Huston, Chief Information Officer

Student Affairs

  • Jonathan L. Johnson, Director of Community Wellness, Health Education, and Learning Access Program

Divsion Of Enrollment Management 

  • Nancy Martorano, Assistant Director of Financial Aid


  • Cindy Crager, Associate Chief Development Officer & Campaign Mgr.

Administration and Finance

  • Eleonora Carr, Assistant Controller

Academic Affairs

  • Carra Leah Hood, Associate Provost for Stratigic Planning,Academic Programming, and Assessment, Associate Professor of Writing
  • Joe LoSasso, Registrar
  • Claudine Keenan, Dean, School of Education & Tenured Professor of Instructional Technology
  • Vincent Cicirello, Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems


  • Skip West, Director of Facilities Planning and Construction

University Relations and Marketing

  • Geoff Pettifer, Executive Director of University Relations and Marketing

President’s Office

  • Peter Baratta, Chief Planning Officer

Student Representative

  • Ryan Greene, Student Senate
  • William Watt, Student Senate
  • Jeremy Macwan

Resource Support Staff

Information Technology Services

  • Joe Loefflad, Director of Telecommunications & Network Infrastructure