SPSS Access

SPSS is a versatile statistics software used widely across Stockton programs. While it may be purchased by students, Stockton University licenses SPSS to run on its computers and within the infrastructure of our VDI systems. This page details how to access SPSS as well as submitting work completed within a VDI session.


Ways to access SPSS

  • On campus: The latest version of SPSS is available at no cost to you on every Stockton University Lab computer. You can view a comprehensive list of Stockton University lab computers, as well as their availability on our Stockton Computer Lab-Find page.

  • Off campus:

    1. Purchase a SPSS “Grad Pack” license to install on your own computer (Strongly Recommended). 

    2. SPSS is available at no cost to you through the Stockton VDI remote virtual desktops. 


What is VDI?

VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) is a remote virtual computer hosted by the University with all of the lab software pre-installed and ready for use. You can access a remote virtual desktop from any device that has an active internet connection and is capable of running a full feature web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). Below is a short video that demonstrates the process of logging into a remote virtual desktop. Please see our VDI page for more information about VDI and it’s supported applications.


💡 Saving Your Work in VDI

When saving your work in VDI it’s important to make any files accessible outside of the VDI session. There are two options that IT Services recommends but please feel free to use what works best for your work habits:

  • My Documents Folder
    • Any files saved in your My Documents folder are stored within Stockton’s network storage and may be accessed from any Stockton computer, inclduing remote virtual desktops (VDI).
    • When saving, make sure to navigate to the My Documents directory and use a memorable file name.
  • Google Drive
    • After saving your work but before ending the VDI session, you can log on to Google Drive and upload your file to access from another computer or device.

If you wish to open your SPSS output on a personal computer, you must first export your SPSS output file in a format that will work on your personal computer, ex: Word document. Please note that exported files do not open automatically on the VDI computer following export. Exported files save to the My Documents folder on the VDI computer, and you will need to navigate to the My Documents folder to access your file.


Accessing SPSS in VDI

Below is a short instructional video that demonstrates the use of VDI for the following tasks
  • Logging on and accessing SPSS on VDI
  • Using the temporary file tool to trasfer documents from your computer to VDI 
  • Saving work in your My Documents folder 
  • Submitting the saved work to Blackboard from inside VDI
When a VDI session is ended the virtal desktop is deleted. Any data you would like to keep after the session ends needs to be saved, either by uploading to Google Drive or saving to you My Documents folder before exiting VDI. We suggest your My Documents folder as that data is accessible from any Stockton computer, including future VDI sessions.