Instructional Continuity Planning - Email Distribution Lists

Email distribution lists are available for each of your course sections. These email lists are accessible through the Stockton Outlook/Exchange email system.


  • Email students course materials
  • Conduct follow up communications via email
  • Note: Students do not have access to these email lists; only the instructor may email out to the entire class using a University managed email account.

Resources and preparation needed

  • Computer, web browser, and Internet access
  • Course materials in MS Office (i.e., DOCX, XLSX, or PPTX files) or Adobe PDF format. Students have access to Microsfot Office through Office 365 using their Stockton goPortal credentials, instructions can be found here.
  • Keep in mind that there is a 150MB limit on total file size (i.e., you may send one 150MB file or multiple files that total 150MB). 
  • Prepare your students – Direct your students to login to the portal and check their email for course assignments and other information should an emergency arise.

Procedure for using email distribution lists

  • Sign on to Stockton email (Outlook) system by connecting to the goStockton Portal at or by connecting to Outlook Webmail at 
  • Create a message addressed to your class. The general form of the address is (e.g.,, ).
  • Send your course email messages with course materials attached

Available support


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