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Stockton Honors is an academic program that combines challenging courses with service to foster a warm, supportive intellectual community.

Honors students can choose any course of study from Stockton's major, minor, and certificate programs, while exploring opportunities from South Jersey to South Africa and all points in between.What unites us is a commitment to academic excellence, to making the world a better place, and to working creatively to achieve our goals.

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Honor Students

The Honors Program is your family. It is as simple as that! They are who you turn to during good times and bad. The Honors Program will provide you with wonderful memories and great learning experiences. Most importantly, the program will teach you how to make the most of your stay at Stockton by connecting you with many students and professors who are there to help you.
Lisa, Business Studies major, current MBA student
The Honors Program has been a great experience that has allowed me to extend my education far beyond the classroom. From participating in service learning projects each semester to working as an editor for the undergraduate research journal, I have grown incredibly as a student, citizen, researcher, and future health professional.
Katie, Health Sciences major, current MSOT student
The Honors experience has assisted me in exploring areas of research that will benefit my future educational plans. It was great working with other Honors students on community service projects during the Day of Service campaigns.
Rich, Health Sciences major, current graduate student, Thomas Jefferson University
The Honors Program gave me the opportunity to become a leader and mentor to many incoming freshmen through the program's relationship with Residential Life. I value these relationships as the greatest part of my Stockton experience.
Julie, Public Health major, current intern, Arthritis Foundation
I loved taking the Honors classes. The professors were awesome, the classes were smaller, and I felt like I was being privately tutored. I also loved my service learning assignment at Brandall Estates, an assisted living facility in Linwood, NJ. We taught poetry, and I will never forget how much fun it was getting to know our "students" and their reactions to the poetry we taught. By the way, I learned that Poetry Matters!
Bonnie, LIBA major
The honors courses allowed me to broaden my education outside of math. I learned about law, world history through novels, and strengthened my writing. I was also active in the community because of service learning. I am grateful to have been accepted and to have experienced such a rewarding program.
Averi, Math and Education major

Admission to the Honors Program is competitive. Applicants must submit a separate application and letter of recommendation directly to the Honors Program office. Preference is given to those students who demonstrate clear intellectual curiosity and a strong desire to take an active role in their education and the College community. To remain in the program, students must continue to make academic progress, fulfill their service learning requirement, and maintain a 3.3 GPA. For application materials, please see the links on the left for Freshman or Transfer Honors Admissions Resources. . 

Board of Trustees

Horse HonorsEducation takes place outside the classroom as well as during course modules. With the Experiential Learning Requirement, Honors students can take their passion and commitment to the wider global, national, and local community. A range of courses can be used to fulfill the Experiential Learning requirement, tailored to each student's major and interests. Some programs that apply are service learning courses, internships, upper-level research, clinicals, student teaching, and performance courses. Off-campus programs, such as study abroad or the Washington Internhip, can also be applied to the Experiential Learning component. 

More on the Experiential Learning requirement.

Museum American RevolutionFor students entering Stockton as sophomores:

  • Transfer Honors Seminar during the first semester at Stockton
  • Three additional 4-credit Honors courses. 
  • Or two additional 4-credit Honors courses AND one Experiential Learning course (a range of courses may apply)

For students entering Stockton as juniors:

  • Transfer Honors Seminar during the first semester at Stockton
  • Two additional 4-credit Honors courses. 
  • Or one additional 4-credit Honors course AND one Experiential Learning course (a range of courses may apply)

For more information, please visit Transfer Honors Admissions Resources.

Honors Awards

Towards the end of their first year in the Honors Program, students may apply for the First Year Excellence award. To be eligible, they must:

  • earn a 3.5 GPA at the end of their first semester

  • have taken, or be registered for, two of the required Honors classes 

  • attend the Honors Awards Ceremony

Honors Awards

Prior to graduation, Honors students may apply for Certificate of Distinction in Honors, which will appear on their college transcript. To be eligible, they must:

  • earn a GPA of 3.5 in Honors courses

  • complete all of the required Honors courses

  • complete a creative, research, or internship project in their major, and present it to the Stockton community