Through the Fulbright Program, many Stockton faculty and students have had the opportunity to teach, study, research abroad. Stockton also hosts visiting Fulbright scholars and students from abroad. 

Stockton Liason:
Dr. Robert Nichols 
Professor of History 

 Fulbright Research Fellow: Dr. Inga Zhghenti

Inga Zhghenti

An associate professor of English Philology at East European University, Zhghenti also serves as an invited lecturer at Caucasus University, both located in Tbilisi, Georgia. During her stay at Stockton, Zhghenti is researching the representation of gender themes in Edward Albee dramas and the interpretation of these themes in Georgian performances of American plays. Her study focuses on the literary, linguistic, social, political, psychological and technical interpretations of the drama on stage through the lens of Judith Butler’s gender performative theory. It also examines the social, psychological and political foundations of gender, including how these themes are understood and expressed in language, their formal and contextual representation and the staging of Albee’s plays.

Dr. Inga Zhghenti can be reached at

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 Fulbright Research Fellow: Dr. Husnul Amin

Stockton Welcomes Fulbright Research Fellow Dr. Husnul Amin

Husnul Amin has an impressive resumé. The ethnopolitical sociologist has traveled, studied and lived all over the world. He speaks so many languages fluently, he does not keep count anymore. A published author of more than six books and 25 research papers, Amin is Stockton University’s first visiting Fulbright Research Fellow on a year-long grant. Amin is an associate professor of politics and the executive director of the Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue (IRD) at the International Islamic University of Islamabad. While at Stockton, he will complete his post-doctoral research on the Pashtun Protection Movement under the mentorship of renowned historian Robert Nichols, professor of history. 

Dr. Husnul Amin can be reached at

Read the full article by Eliza Hunt, Stockton URM

 Fulbright Scholar: Dr. Emily Van Duyne

Prof. Emily Van Duyne

Emily Van Duyne is an assistant professor of writing and first year studies at Stockton University. She was recently awarded a Fulbright scholarship. (Emma Lee/WHYY)

Dr. Emily Van Duyne, Assistant Professor of Writing & First-Year Studies, received the Fulbright Fellowship. Emily plans to spend spring 2021 semester in Thessaloniki, Greece, researching and teach about Sylvia Plath’s work. She will also be leading a team of University of Aristotle graduate students in editing a special Sylvia Plath-inspired issue of their literary magazine, Echoes.

Please see the NPR / WHYY's report here.

 Fulbright Scholar: Jade Fleming

Jade Fleming

Jade Fleming, a Stockton University student who will graduate in May with a B.A. in Literature, has earned a grant from the Fulbright U.S. Student Program, one of the academic world’s most prestigious awards.

Fleming has received a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship and will be teaching English in Malaysia for a year beginning in January 2018. The location where she will be stationed will be assigned during the two-week orientation in Kuala Lumpur.

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 Fulbright Students: Ciara Barrick and Naijasia Thomas

Stockton Student Exchange with European University Cyprus

On the left, Naijasia Thomas in northern Cyprus on a visit in March 2016. During her 2015 Fulbright year in Cyprus, Ciara Barrick and her friend, Hayden Pendergrass, met with the priest of The Church of the Holy Cross of Ayiasmati.

Moving from South Jersey’s Pinelands to an island nation of pines, cedars and cypresses may require some translation, but a new cultural exchange program with European University Cyprus (EUC) will enable Stockton students to be immersed in another culture while teaching English.

Ciara Barrick, who was awarded a Fulbright to teach English at EUC after graduating from Stockton in 2015, teamed with David Roessel, professor of Greek Language and Literature, to apply for a Fulbright Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund award to set up the exchange.

The Ocean City, N.J. resident’s application was one of only 51 funded by the State Department, out of the more than 800 submitted by Fulbright alumni. It’s also a first for the Republic of Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean.

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