Frequently Asked Questions

Urgent requests can be e-mailed directly to Legal Department at or 609-652-4874.
You can use these forms for contracts under the bid Threshold (currently $39,400) for Professional Services and Guest Speakers. However, construction contracts and A/E contracts, regardless of contract amount, must be prepared by Staff Counsel. A "Request for Construction A/E Contract or Amendment" form is included with the online contract forms.

If the contract amount is $17,500 or over, the vendor must complete a Chapter 51 disclosure form and Purchasing must obtain approval from Trenton before the contract can be processed.


The contract must be fully executed and work commenced before you can submit your Payment Voucher to Accounts Payable.

If the contract amount is $5,160 or more, the NJ Division of Community Affairs requires all business organizations that do business with a local contracting agency, including state universities, to be registered with the State, and provide proof of the registration to the contracting agency, before the agency enters into a contract with the business.

You should obtain the New Jersey Business Registration and forward a copy of the NJ Business Registration to the Purchasing Department before submitting the online contract request.

A certificate of insurance is required for all service agreement contracts, contracts for use of a college facility, and entertainment contracts used by PAC and Student Development. Some specific examples of contracts that require not less than $1 million in coverage include hazardous waste transports, contracts for catering and other food service providers, inflatable attraction and amusement rental, outdoor concerts and contracts with charter bus companies. In some circumstances, where the contract amount is minimal and the service provided does not involve a high risk activity,(such as the examples above), you may request a waiver or reduction in the insurance coverage amount required. The insurance certificate from the vendor must be attached as an exhibit to the contract, and a copy sent to Purchasing for its central file.

Only after both parties sign the contract, with all exhibits attached,is the contract valid and binding on the parties. If any changes are made to the contract form by one of the parties, the change must be initialed by both parties before it becomes a contract term. Any changes to the online contract form must be approved by Staff Counsel.

Yes, the exhibits are part of the contract. If the exhibit is not provided and attached to the contract, the contract is not complete and it will not be honored for payment by the college. For example, the online service provider contract form includes the Insurance Certificate as exhibit 2. If the vendor fails to provide this Insurance Certificate as an attachment to the contract, you may not permit the vendor to start the work and you may not submit a payment voucher to accounts payable.

This form is used when the parties wish to change a term of the original Agreement, such as Contract Price, Extension of Term or Scope of Work.
This is an Addendum that should be attached to your contract if your contract is for ENTERTAINMENT.

Public Law 2005, c. 51, signed into law on March 22, 2005. It prohibits State departments, agencies and authorities from entering into a contract that exceeds $17,500 with an individual or entity that has made a political contribution to a candidate committee and/or election fund of any candidate or holder of the public office of Governor, or to any State or County political party committee, unless approved by the Dept. of Treasury.

Therefore, Contracts or Purchase Orders for $17,500 and over cannot be finalized until the vendor completes the necessary forms. The vendor must understand that the College is prohibited from awarding a contract or issuing payments until the State Treasurer or his designee gives approval that the requirements of the Public Law have been met.

Please contact the Purchasing Department for additional information on a Chapter 51 Report.