Contract Procedures

The Office of General Counsel reviews and approves all University contracts after the procurement process is complete. Since the procurement process will be different depending on the type and amount of the contract, STEP 1 of the Contract Procedures is to confirm compliance with the required procurement process before submitting the contract to the Office of General Counsel for review. The following Chart summarizes the steps in the procurement process that are required before submitting a contract for legal review. Information on the University's procurement and purchasing procedures is available on the Purchasing Department's website.

Step 1 - Procurement to Legal Review


After completing the required procurement process, STEP 2 of the Contract Procedures is to prepare and submit the required contract documents to the Office of General Counsel. The following Chart and Checklist set forth the various documents that need to be submitted to the Office of General Counsel before legal review of a contract. As an initial step, note that if the Vendor is an individual, then the Department Representative who is requesting the contract must complete the Independent Contractor Checklist. The form of Service Agreement and the other standard contract forms are available under Contract Forms. After the contract is complete and required documents are collected from the Vendor, the Department Representative will submit the contract and the required documents to the Office of General Counsel at


If there are questions on the Contract Procedures or if there is an urgent contract matter, please contact