External Food Service Provider Form and Requirements

Stockton Dining Services is assigned to provide and manage Stockton University's food service program. With the exception of personal consumption, all food and beverage served at university-approved events on the Galloway Campus must be contracted through Stockton Dining Services. 

Stockton Dining Services offers food and beverage options through on-campus restaurants, convenience stores, dining halls, campus food partners, and catering services. They are responsible for ensuring compliance with Health Department standards and industry best practices when preparing and serving food or beverage at any campus facility. As such, potlucks (described as an event where participants are invited to bring homemade or take-out food to serve) are prohibited at university approved events.

Exception for the personal consumption of food and beverages. As a pilot for the 2023-2024 academic year, small gatherings/office parties of approximately 20 participants or less, are permitted to bring take-out food to serve at university-approved events so long as the food purchase is not funded by the University, nor does the transaction go through Stockton’s procurement/purchasing process. This exception does not apply to external groups renting University facilities. Any university-approved event that utilizes campus facilities and requires labor resources on the Galloway Campus must be contracted through Stockton Dining Services.

Recognized student organizations are permitted to sell commercially prepackaged food items for fundraising purposes with the approval of their Student Development Advisor but the sale of homemade, baked goods or other food items is prohibited.

The External Food Service Provider Form is required under the following conditions:

  • Service at the Atlantic City Campus, Manahawkin Instructional Site, Kramer Hall in Hammonton, or the Azeez Museum in Woodbine

  • Specific cultural or religious culinary needs
    (Food requiring distinct and unique preparation due to cultural or religious reasons AND the Stockton University’s Catering Services cannot meet the specific needs of the host group)

  • Food Truck for Galloway Campus
    (Food Trucks that receive approval to sell food items may be required to pay an operating fee made payable to Stockton University to sell products on campus to attendees.)

Considerations / Requirements

  • The event organizer is responsible for communicating necessary event logistics to the external food service provider including but not limited to parking, drop-off, and pick-up logistics.
  • The external food service provider will not have access to University equipment or kitchen facilities to cook, prepare, or store food. The group and/or vendor is responsible for clearing serving dishes, linens, and other equipment/products at the conclusion of the event.  .
  • All event organizers assume the responsibility that all food will be properly prepped, stored, served, and disposed. It is important to ensure cold foods remain cold, hot foods stay hot, and to avoid cross-contamination of ingredients and perishable items. Violations will be incumbent on the caterer and/or event organizer to satisfy.
  • The external food service provider will make the delivery to ensure proper food safety measures are followed.
  • It is important to ensure cold food items remain at 41 degrees F and below and hot food items remain at 135 degrees F and above.  Food items held between 41 degrees and 135 degrees should be discarded after 4 hours. 
  • The event organizer must submit the documents listed below for consideration. Risk Management will maintain the document repository and will notify the requestor of the status of the external food service provider’s documentation. It is the responsibility of the requestor to obtain outstanding documentation from the external food service provider. All documents must be approved by Risk Management.

    1. Mercantile/Business/Operator’s License OR Cottage License

    2. Proof of Satisfactory Sanitary Inspection (Local Board of Health)

    3. Certificate of Insurance (If the vendor will be catering/serving food on campus, the COI must list Stockton University and the State of NJ as additional insureds in compliance with the University Standard Insurance Requirements; $1 million each occurrence and $2 million general aggregate); Worker’s Compensation Insurance in accordance with requirements of state law; Employer’s Liability Insurance for bodily injury by accident in the amount of $500,000 each accident; bodily injury by disease in the amount of $500,000, each employee; bodily injury by disease, $500,000 policy limit

    4. ServSafe Certification (Safety training and certificate program administered by the National Restaurant Association, accredited by the American National Standards Institute and the Conference for Food Protection)

Requests received less than 3 weeks in advance will not be reviewed or approved.