Education and Human Development

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The Education and Human Development Program (EDHD) equips you with the skills and knowledge to meet the distinct needs and development of all learners.

The Bachelor of Arts in Education and Human Development (EDHD) is built on three minors at the university: Childhood Studies, Disability Studies, and Gerontology.

The five program outcomes for the EDHD program students will master:

  • Understand major theories and models of human development across the lifespan
  • Know ethical and professional conduct
  • Develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills
  • Engage in documentation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and reflective practices
  • Understand social justice, diversity, inclusion, and advocacy

Program Chair

Dr. Ron Caro
Founding Chair of the Education and Human Development Program & Assistant Professor of Education and Human Development



The BA in Education and Human Development program requires 128 credits that begin with 40 credits of 10 required core courses exploring the field of human development broadly. An additional 16 credits taken from the minor programs in Childhood Studies, Disability Studies or Gerontology then accompany the major, providing opportunities for students to specialize in studying the range of human development stages and abilities. The program is very transfer-friendly.

As students complete the introductory courses, the curriculum requires 8 credits of service-learning and/or paid internships, with additional experiential electives strongly encouraged. In addition to these 64 credits in the major, all Stockton University BA degrees require 32 additional credits in General Education and courses deemed "At Some Distance" or cognitively different than the major. Through this last degree requirement, students who are interested in multiple minors may earn those in any additional area(s) of specialization.

EDHD Core Courses

  • EDHD 1100 Introduction to Human Development
  • PSYC 1100 Introduction to Psychology
  • SOCY 1100 Introduction to Sociology
  • PSYC 2201 (or 3322 or 3323) Developmental Psychology, Adolescence, or Lifespan Development
  • PSYC 2211 (or 2301 or 3302 or 3322) Social Science course
  • SOCY/ANTH 3681 Social Theory
  • SOWK 1103 Human Behavior
  • SOWK 2504 Race, Ethnicity, & Diversity
  • EDHD 3100 Research Methods
  • EDHD 4100 Human Development Capstone

Students interested in teacher certification after graduating* may choose the Childhood Studies concentration with the option to pursue the minor in Disability Studies, if desired. 

*All EDHD graduates interested in teacher certification must also complete a New Jersey Department of Education-approved (NJDOE) Teacher Preparation program. Both the Stockton TEDU Post-Baccalaureate (undergraduate, in-person) and the Stockton Alternate Route (graduate-level, online) program are NJDOE-approved.