Faculty & Staff

School of Education Full-Time Faculty

Amy Ackerman, Ph.D. (Florida State University)

Amy Ackerman, Ph.D. (Florida State University), Associate Professor of Instructional Technology

609-626-3518 |  H-202f
Norma Boakes, Ed.D. (Temple University)

Norma Boakes, Ed.D. (Temple University), Professor & Program Chair of Education

609-652-4660 |  J-226
Ron Caro, Ed.D. (Pepperdine University)

Ron Caro, Ed.D. (Pepperdine University), Assistant Professor of Education

609-652-4635 | F-238 
Darrell Cleveland, Ph.D. (University of North Carolina)

Darrell Cleveland, Ph.D. (University of North Carolina), Associate Professor of Education and Africana Studies

609-652-4533 | L-110 
Jordan Corson, Ed.D (Columbia University)

Jordan Corson, Ed.D (Columbia University), Assistant Professor of Education

609-626-3180 | J-210
Stacey Culleny, Ed.D. (Northcentral University)

Stacey Culleny, Ed.D. (Northcentral University), Instructor of Education

609-652-4898 | J-212 
Susan Cydis, Ed.D. (Widener University)

Susan Cydis, Ed.D. (Widener University), Professor of Education

609-626-3819 |  J-211
Dana Grasso, M.Ed. (Wilmington University)

Dana Grasso, M.Ed. (Wilmington University), Teaching Specialist

626-3110 | J-206
John Gray, Ed.D. (Walden University)

John Gray, Ed.D. (Walden University), Instructor of Organizational Leadership

(609) 761-1260 | AC318i
Priti Haria, Ph.D. (University of Delaware)

Priti Haria, Ph.D. (University of Delaware), Associate Professor of Education

609-652-4990 | G-209 
Douglas Harvey, D.Ed. (Pennsylvania State University)

Douglas Harvey, D.Ed. (Pennsylvania State University), Associate Professor & Chair of Instructional Technology

609-652-4770 | G-238 
Kimberly Lebak, Ed.D. (University of Pennsylvania)

Kimberly Lebak, Ed.D. (University of Pennsylvania), Professor of Education & Program Chair of MAED

609-626-6017 | F-241 
Jung Lee, Ph.D. (University of Wyoming)

Jung Lee, Ph.D. (University of Wyoming), Professor of Instructional Technology

609-652-4949 | H-202d 
Meredith Massey, (Rowan University)

Meredith Massey, (Rowan University), Teaching Specialist

626-3106 | J-216
John Quinn, Ed.D. (Pepperdine University)

John Quinn, Ed.D. (Pepperdine University), Associate Professor of Education and Chair of LEAD

609-626-6058 |  H-202i
Lois Spitzer, Ed.D. (Boston University)

Lois Spitzer, Ed.D. (Boston University), Associate Professor of Education & ESL/BE Endorsement Programs

609-652-4629 |  J-218
Sequetta Sweet, Ed.D. (St. John Fisher College)

Sequetta Sweet, Ed.D. (St. John Fisher College), Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership

 609-761-1265 |  AC-317b
Ron Tinsley, Ed.D. (Texas A&M University)

Ron Tinsley, Ed.D. (Texas A&M University), Associate Professor of Education

609-652-4931 |  F-205a
Chelsea Tracy-Bronson, Ph.D. (Syracuse University)

Chelsea Tracy-Bronson, Ph.D. (Syracuse University), Associate Professor of Education

609-652-4495  | J-220 
Daniel Tulino, Ph.D. (Rowan University)

Daniel Tulino, Ph.D. (Rowan University), Assitant Professor of Education - Alternate Route

609-761-1259 | AC-318h
Meg White, Ed.D. (Northcentral University, AZ)

Meg White, Ed.D. (Northcentral University, AZ), Associate Professor of Education

609-626-6077 |  G-122


Frank Cerreto, Ed.D. (Rutgers, the State University)

Frank Cerreto, Ed.D. (Rutgers, the State University), Professor of Mathematics; mathematics, curriculum development, mathematics education, computer literacy, computer science



School of Education Staff

Claudine Keenan, Ed.D.

Claudine Keenan, Ed.D., Dean of Education

(609) 652-4688 | J201
Ed.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Kimberly Dickerson, Ph.D.

Kimberly Dickerson, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of Education

(609)652-4832 | J201

Ph.D.,Texas A&M University

Donna Blair, M.A.

Donna Blair, M.A., Director of Operations

(609) 652-4950 | J201
Michael Hinman, Ed.D.

Michael Hinman, Ed.D., Director Alternate Route

(609) 652-4688
Jennifer Houser, M.A.

Jennifer Houser, M.A., Fieldwork Coordinator

(609) 652-4916 | J201
Karin Kallert, M.A.

Karin Kallert, M.A., Office Manager

(609) 626-6883 | J201
Wendy Sage

Wendy Sage, Certification Manager

(609) 626-3584 | J201
Karen DiGirolamo

Karen DiGirolamo, Technical Assistant

(609) 652-4688 | J201


Cheryl Schafer

Cheryl Schafer, Program Assistant

(609) 652-4809 | J201
Karen Tompkins, M.A.

Karen Tompkins, M.A., PSS4

(609) 652-4787 | J201

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