Clinical Experience Semester

What To Expect 

Students participate in a formal orientation process to become eligibile for certification courses.  Students will provide the School of Education with all requirements explained in EDUC 2000 Gateway to the NJ Teaching Profession. The Clinical Experience semester includes 50 hours of fieldwork with associated assignments.

Students entering this semester:  Remember that mentors read your Educational Philosophy to help decide if they’d like to work with you, so please re-visit your Educational Philosophy and update it with any new information you’ve learned.

Prerequisites to enter into the Clinical Experience semester are:

View this presentation to be sure you are eligible:

Also available as a PowerPoint presentation.

All above listed documentation has to be sent to the School of Education by these deadlines:

  • June 1st to apply for the next Fall semester
  • October 1st to apply for the next Spring Semester
  • March 1st to apply for the Summer Semester 

Praxis Core scores will automatically register in your Degree Works when you select Stockton to receive one of your free score reports. The other items can be dropped off at J201 or a PDF emailed to

If you are eligible (View the PowerPoint), log into the Clinical Experience Application. Make sure that you pull down the correct semester you are going into (Fall, Spring, or Summer) and pull down the correct course: Clinical Experience. Do NOT select Clinical Practice.

Wizard CX

Make an appointment with your preceptor(s) on the precepting days:

  • Fall Semester: Late October/Early November
  • Spring Semester: Late March/Early April

You can find the name(s) of your preceptor(s) on your Degree Works in the top left corner.

To see the curriculum for your area of interest use Degree Works.

If you are a current student at Stockton University, access your portal for Degree Works, then look for the “what if” option to explore the various teacher certification paths.

This program is accessible even if you are not currently a student with Stockton University. in this case, follow the instructions on the Eudcation Interest sheet you can find here.

We have following program paths/degree options available:

If you are interested in Summer Clinical Experience, please answer this interest survey which has a direct link to the summer fieldwork application by March 1st. Only students who filled out both (survey AND fieldwork application) will be considered. 

The hard deadline is March 1st. Praxis Core/SAT/ACT scores, finalized Criminal Background Check and negative TB result will have to be received in the SOE office on March 1st. Your GPA has to be a 3.0 or above.

Filling out the survey and the application will not guarantee admittance to the Summer CX semester and fieldwork.