Title IX Coordinators & Practitioners Group

Sheilah D. Vance, Chief Officer for EEO and Compliance is Stockton’s Title IX Coordinator  | L-214, 101 Vera King Farris Drive, 609-652-4693, sheilah.vance@stockton.edu).

Deputy Title IX Coordinators assist the Title IX Coordinator in ensuring that Stockton addresses its Title IX responsibilities.

  • Amy L. Jones, Director of Care & Community Standards is the Deputy Title IX Coordinator , F-107B, 609-626-3585, (Amy.Jones@stockton.edu). 
  • Linda Yost, Associate Director of Intercollegiate Sports is the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Gender Equity in Athletics SC303B, 609-652-4217, (Linda.Yost@stockton.edu).

The Title IX Practitioners Group assists the Chief Officer/Title IX Coordinator in monitoring and ensuring Stockton-wide compliance with Title IX. The Title IX Practitioners Group is largely comprised of individuals who have direct responsibility in the administrative response to reports of sexual misconduct or who have other Title IX related responsibilities.

  • Anne Crater, Investigator
  • Laurie Dutton, Director, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Center
  • Amy Jones, Director Care & Community Standards/Deputy Title IX Coordinator
  • Adrian Wiggins, Director of Campus Public Safety
  • Steven E. Radwanski, Executive Director for Residential Life
  • Linda Yost, Associate Director of Intercollegiate Sports/Deputy Title IX Coordinator
  • Rosanne Latoracca, Campus Police & Public Safety
  • Marcia P. Fiedler, Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies
  • Brittany Medio, Associate General Counsel
  • Jeffrey Wakemen, Director of Student Development
  • Jiangyuan Zhou,  Director of Global Engagement | Sr. International Officer

       2019 TIX Coordinators