The Council of Black Faculty and Staff has been established to act as a body to foster communication among Stockton University Community and State concerning the voice and position of minority personnel and students at Stockton.  Our range of responsibilities include the following aims, although others may emerge from our experiences.

  1.  To participate in the recruitment and hiring of Minority Faculty and Staff through the observance of the Affirmative Action  process.
  2.  To instill a greater institutional commitment in the recruitment of minority students
  3.  To foster an atmosphere which is free of racial tension so that Minorities can become actively involved in the total university  community and collegial process.
  4.  To actively support the well-being of minority students to insure the attainment of their academic objectives; to act as a resource  group for advising and counseling minority students in all areas of campus life.
  5.  To provide for active participation of minority personnel in the formulation of Stockton policy and procedure.


Article 1 – Name

The name of this organization is The Council of Black Faculty and Staff (CBFS).

Article 2 – Membership

Membership shall be granted to any member of the faculty of Stockton University.  Auxiliaries of the university can be associate members with no voting privileges and a modified dues structure.

  1. Membership is predicated upon the payment of annual dues.
  2. Dues shall be paid no later than September 30th of each year.
  3. Dues amount shall be reviewed annually based on program needs.

Article 3 – Elections

Section 1.      Officers of the Council shall be a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd  Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary,                                         Corresponding  Secretary and Parliamentarian. 

Section 2.      Election of officers shall take place annually in April. 
                        (A) Elected Officers will be installed July 1st.

Section 3.      Officers will serve a term of twelve (12) months.

Section 4.      Appointments can be made by the Executive Board for those  offices that become vacant in mid-term.

Section 5.      Election of officers of the Council requires a quorum of two-thirds  (2/3) of the Council membership.

Section 6.      Officers of the Council are elected by a secret ballot with each  member having one vote.

Section 7.      Nominations for officers will be in written form and shall be  submitted to the Official Nomination Committee prior to April                             every year.

Section 8.     Officers will be elected to their respective positions from a simple  majority between the two highest nominations.  In case                            of a tie  vote, there will be a run-off election.


Article 4 – Duties of Officers

Section 1.     The President

            A.       Shall preside over all meetings of the Council of Black  Faculty and Staff. 

            B.        Shall sign all documents on behalf of the Council after  eview by the Executive Board. 

            C.       Shall endeavor to insure that all membership directives are  complied with.

            D.       Shall make official statements on behalf of the Council   upon approval by the Council body.

            E.       Shall be responsible for the Agenda and submit it to the  Recording Secretary.

            F.        Shall inform the Council of all correspondence of this  office in behalf of the Council.

Section 2.     The 1st Vice President

            A.       The 1st Vice President shall perform the duties of the  President in the absence of the President.

            B.       The Vice President will assist the President in all executive  functions.

            C.       This officer shall work with the Annual Awards Banquet.

Section 3.     The 2nd Vice President

            A.       The 2nd Vice President shall perform the duties of the 1st   Vice President and the President in the absence of both.

            B.       This officer shall work with the election process.

Section 4.     The Treasurer

            A.       Shall assume responsibility for the preparation and    presentation of the Council Budget.  The budget shall be   presented in                        September of each year.

            B.       Shall maintain accurate records of all financial transactions.

            C.       All monies collected for and by the Council shall be given  to the Treasurer and deposited in a financial institution.

            D.       Shall prepare and submit a financial report for every  regular meeting and whenever else the President so designates.

            E.       Shall insure the proper custody, accountability, receipt and  disbursement of all funds directly under the control of the                                   Council.

Section 5.   The Recording Secretary

            A.      Shall keep a set of all minutes of all Council meetings.

            B.      Shall inform all members of all meetings regular or special.

            C.      Shall be responsible for making available the minutes of all meetings to all financial members upon request.

            D.      Shall have charge of all official records and papers  belonging to the Council.

            E.      Shall perform various other duties as may be assigned by  the President from time to time.

Section 6.   The Corresponding Secretary

            A.      Shall be responsible for keeping a record of all official  correspondence and proper filing of all Council materials.

            B.      Shall file a running record of all activities of the Council as  prepared and submitted by various committees of the  Council.

            C.      Serve as public relations liaison to the Stockton  Community through the direction of the Council body.

            D.      Shall perform various other duties as may be assigned by  the President from time to time.

Section 7.    The Parliamentarian

            A.      Shall been basic order in all meetings.

            B.      Shall be the mediator on all by –laws disputes.

            C.      Shall chair the enforcement of Constitution committee.

            D.      Shall work with the election committee.

            E.      Shall perform various other duties as assigned by the  President.


Article 5 – Meetings of the Council

Section 1.    The general membership meetings shall be held monthly during  the academic year and are open to all interested.

Section 2.    Special meetings may be called by the President and each member   must be informed by written notice at least two (2)                               days prior.  The  notice shall included date time and place of the meeting.

Section 3.    The agenda, reports from communities, and Treasurer’s report   shall be written.

Section 4.    The Recording Secretary shall read the minutes of the previous  meeting.

Section 5.    All reports shall be submitted to the Corresponding Secretary at the  completion of their presentation to be filed with the                               permanent files.

Section 6.    The Recording Secretary shall keep a complete set of minutes and  agendas and file them in the official Council file.


* 9/17/15 updated to reflect University status