School of Business Mentorship Program


Mentoring Program Opportunity



The Dean’s Executive Advisory Board is proud to introduce the inaugural year of a Mentoring Program open to full-time undergraduate students within the School of Business.

The program is designed for students to engage with business leaders across a variety of sectors to gain:

  • Insight from experienced leaders in business
  • Coaching and Counsel both personally and professionally
  • Ability to build valuable networks and relationships 

The mentors participating in this program offer experience in many facets of business including: Talent Acquisition, Hospitality, Marketing, Communications, Accounting and Finance, Institutional Finance, Legal, Retail, Healthcare, Energy, Real Estate and more.

While no two Mentor-Mentee relationships are the same, the flexibility within this program is built to ensure meaningful outcomes for both participants.


Students: Interested in becoming a Mentee? Please fill out the application below and send to Susan Wallace at .
Business Leaders: Interested in becoming a Mentor? Please fill out the application below and send to Susan Wallace at .

Mentorship - Getting Started

Upon notification of your mentee match, the first step is making contact. While many communication channels are appropriate, a welcoming email to your mentee is encouraged. This message can be a short introduction and should focus on establishing an initial meeting.

The primary goal of your first meeting should be to get to know one another and establish the foundation of a trusting relationship. Within this meeting, you will want to ensure a few key elements:

  • Cadence of Meetings: Mutually agreed (Monthly is suggested)
  • Channels of Communications: Establish medium (virtual, in-person) for meetings, but also communication between meetings if mutually agreed
  • Outcomes: Discuss what each part desires to gain from this experience

Flexibility: This program is designed with inherent flexibility to ensure meaningful outcomes for both parties. No two Mentor-Mentee relationships are the same so do what works best for your individual partnership.

Be Present: The most critical job of a mentor is to be there for their mentee to help them navigate new or challenging experiences. Being there to provide guidance, counsel, or simply a listening ear is invaluable to them.

A comprehensive guide for mentorship is available here. This is not a prescriptive handbook, but a point of reference for informational purposes.