Program Co-Curricular Activities (HTMS)

The Ledger:

The Ledger is a student newsletter that is published each semester and distributed to Hospitality and Tourism Industry. The newsletter informs all of our alumni and industry friends what’s happening and what is new at the university and with the Hospitality and Tourism Studies Program. The Ledger features articles and profiles of prominent figures at the university. Any student can get involved with this publication. You can access archived versions of The Ledger by clicking here

Hospitality and Tourism Management Society:

This student led organization promotes community engagement, networking and educational endeavors including dine arounds, tours, fundraising, and service learning activities. The Hospitality and Tourism Management Society is one of the most active student organizations at Stockton University.

Stockton Event Planners:

This student led group was formed by students and for students interested in pursuing a career in Event Planning. Activities are event focused and include guest speakers, tours, and hand-on learning experiences in event management. The group collaborates with the Hospitality and Tourism Management Society to avoid overlap so that students can be members of both organizations.


Eta Sigma Delta:

Eta Sigma Delta (ESD) is an international honor society that recognizes exceptional academic achievement among hospitality and tourism students. It is administered by the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (ICHRIE), the global leader in hospitality and tourism education and research.

Distinguished Speaker Series:

Each semester the Hospitality and Tourism Management Society at Stockton present a dynamic speaker from somewhere in the hospitality and tourism industry of national or international prominence to address our entire student body. These speakers provide the students with current trends and industry insights.

Hospitality and Tourism Business Tours and Demonstrations:

The Hospitality and Tourism Management Studies program provides site visitation to hospitality and tourism businesses, as well as guest speakers and professional demonstrations.


Students will work in an approved hospitality and tourism position within the industry while taking a 4-credit course and will have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to apply executive-level skills related to topics such as leadership, ethics, technology, and process analysis. The internship is a rigorous, supervised work experience requiring the students to do a minimum of 225 hours of work with 25 of those hours concentrated on a managerial level project.