Communication Studies Internship Opportunities

The Communication Studies Program requires students to enroll in a 4-credit internship as a requirement for the major.   A wide-range of off-campus internship opportunities are available to students within the local, Philadelphia, New York and Washington, D.C. region.

Communication majors can also opt for an on-campus internship with the University radio station, WLFR, the Community TV Partnership Internship, Stockton’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), Stockton’s South Jersey Culture and History Center (SJCHC) and the University newspaper, The Argo.

 Interested students should contact the Communication Studies Internship Coordinator –, or faculty sponsor after discussing possibilities and requirements with their preceptors.

Communication Studies Internship Courses

COMM/LITT 3926   Oral History Internship (4 credits)
Open to juniors and seniors only. Permission of Instructor required.
Students in this course will work with Stockton's South Jersey Culture & History Center (SJCHC) to learn and implement best practices for collecting Oral Histories, thereby helping to preserve Southern New Jersey's heritage. Students will learn to develop appropriate interview questions, conduct interviews, and best practices for recording, transcribing, and archiving these interviews.
Faculty: T. Kinsella

COMM 4901  Communication Internship (4 credits)
Open to junior and senior Communication Studies majors only. Permission of Instructor required.
With prior written permission of the internship coordinator, a student may earn four credits for his/her work in an approved communication-intensive environment.
Faculty: J. Shen

COMM 4902  WLFR Internship (4 credits)
Prerequisite: Open to junior and senior Communication Studies majors only. Permission ofInstructor required.
The WLFR Internship is designed to give students from any of the three Communication tracks the experience of how a radio station operates in various areas, including but not limited to, day-to-day office operations, on-air talent, producing content, training on digital broadcasting equipment, writing news stories, engineering syndicated shows, sports broadcasting, social media, production, and promotional events. The WLFR Internship would be great for any student who would like to pursue a career in radio broadcasting.
Faculty: J. Ludovich

COMM 4905  Public Relations Internship (4 credits)
Prerequisite: COMM 2301 and Permission of Instructor required.
The internship will function as an on-campus, student-run public relations firm affiliated with Stockton’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). The instructor will help identify a list of internal and external clients for students to offer public relations services. Students will work in teams to serve their clients, which may range from in-house public relations teams and internal programs at Stockton, and other offices that require public relations assistance; to external organizations in NJ and Philadelphia. Teams will work with their clients throughout the semester and ultimately submit a strategic public relations plan to their clients at the end of the term by utilizing their research, strategic thinking, organizational, leadership, digital media, and interpersonal communication skills.
Faculty: Communication Studies Faculty

COMM 4906 Community TV Partnership (4 Credits)
Open to junior and senior Communication Studies majors only. Permission of Instructor required.
The Community Television Partnership is designed to give Communication students a comprehensive experience in working on a television production. Stockton University’s Communication Studies program works with several community partners in producing TV shows or content to be aired locally and/or for online distribution. Students will learn various crew positions as well as work as media professionals. This internship class would be a great experience for any student who wants to pursue a career in television production.
Faculty: J. Ludovich, J. Newman

Current Affiliates

Stockton University's School of Arts and Humanities currently has affiliation agreements with the following companies and organizations.

Bernie Robbins
Internships are available every term. For more information, please visit this page or email

Required Paperwork and Approvals

Before the internship is approved for credit, the student must meet with a faculty sponsor to discuss the prospective internship site and expectations.

Students must facilitate completion of a Stockton University Internship form with the sponsoring COMM faculty.  Students must bring the completed Internship form to the Arts and Humanities School Office (K150) for approval and processing.  Information regarding administration of Internships can be accessed at Internship/Experiential Learning in the School of Arts and Humanities

It is expected that students enrolled in the 4-credit internship, COMM 4901, will accumulate 160 hours over the course of the semester.  The faculty sponsor will determine assignments and requirements related to the internship.