Taking Courses at Another Institution

Students who wish to take courses at other colleges and universities after they have matriculated at Stockton, must follow certain, specific guidelines if they plan to count those courses towards degree requirements at Stockton

Before registering for courses at another college or university, a student must complete the "Request to Take Courses at Another Institution" form, available on the "forms page"  or outside Academic Advising in Campus Center 242. This form must be signed by the student's preceptor and by an advisor in the Center for Academic Advising. If specific course equivalencies are needed, the signature of the dean of the division offering each course is required. Otherwise, the credits will be allocated as appropriate. Furthermore, if the course is to be completed during the summer, the student must also obtain the signature of the Dean of General Studies in J. 202. Once the form is completed, and the proper signatures obtained, it must then be returned to the Office of Student Records in Campus Center 203.

It is important to know how a course may transfer back to Stockton before enrolling at a community college. An important resource for checking course equivalencies from the two-year schools back to Stockton is www.njtransfer.org.

  1. A maximum of 64 credits may be transferred from a two-year institution (community college).
  2. A maximum total of 96 credits are allowed to transfer to Stockton.
  3. 32 of the final 48 credits must be completed at Stockton.
  4. It is imperative for students to get the appropriate signatures before enrolling and completing any coursework at other institutions.
  5. No student will be given permission to repeat a Stockton requirement at another institution if the earned grade at Stockton is below a C grade (also noted on the permission form).