Do I need to apply to graduate?
Yes, simply access your Student Services tab on the go.stockton portal. Under registration tools you will find the link to apply for graduation. All graduation requirements should be completed by the end of the term in which you apply in order to participate in that semester's graduation ceremony.

When do I apply?
The application must be submitted at the beginning of the term in which you plan to complete your graduation requirements. Please obtain, complete, and submit your application by:

  • October 1 for Fall Term
  • February 1 for Spring Term
  • June 1 for Summer Term

Is there a charge for filing an application to graduate?
Yes, a one-time fee of $165.00 must be submitted to the Bursar's Office in CC202. For all applications submitted after the filing deadlines the graduation application fee is $225. (Fees may be subject to change.)

What should I do if I am unsure about my graduation status?
After you have filed for graduation, your graduation check-out will proceed based on the status reported on your CAPP degree evaluation. Your degree evaluation is available on the portal through your Student Services tab. if you are a degree candidate, all courses/requirements of your degree evaluation should be reported as "met." Any section with a red "no" attached should be examined to see what possible issues could be corrected. As you begin to plan for graduation, make sure you have met with your preceptor prior to your senior year to assure that your CAPP degree evaluation is running smoothly. Your preceptor and The Center for Academic Advising can help in interpreting your degree evaluation.

Your graduation status will appear on your unofficial transcript in the following way:

  • "Sought" means that you have applied.
  • "Under Review" means that your CAPP Degree Evaluation may need correction and you and your preceptor will be receiving an email concerning the potential need to adjust your CAPP.
  • "Approved Pending Current Coursework" means that you will be cleared for graduation upon successful completion of your current coursework needed for graduation.

If I am denied graduation, do I have to apply again?
Yes, your application needs to be reactivated at the beginning of the term in which you plan to complete your degree requirements. You will not have to pay the graduation fee a second time.