Grade Point Averages

It is important for you to understand how grade point averages are computed so you can monitor your own progress toward graduation. It is necessary to have a 2.0 cumulative grade average in order to receive your degree. While you are in school it is important to keep the cumulative GPA at 2.0 to stay in good academic standing and avoid academic probation.

Stockton University uses a plus/minus grading scale for all undergraduate and graduate coursework. A student may earn letter grades of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, and F.

Information presented on these pages will help you learn how to calculate your own GPA. You can also use the handy GPA calculator located at the top of your Degree Works audit.

If you are trying to improve your GPA and want to calculate how to get to the new GPA, you can consult the GPA calculator on Degree Works. 

How to Calculate Your GPA

1. Note the number of credit hours each class is worth, and how many graded CREDIT hours you are taking. Here's a sample schedule:

Course Number of Credits
GEN 1120 4 credits
MATH 2215 5 credits
CHEM 2110 4 credits
CHEM 2115 1 credits
PHIL 1101 4 credits
  total credits = 18

2. When you earn a letter grade for each course, the letter grade is translated into GRADE Points.

Grade Grade Points Grade Grade Points
A 4.00 C+ 2.30
A- 3.70 C 2.00
B+ 3.30 C- 1.70
B 3.00 D+ 1.30
B- 2.70 D 1.00
  D- .70
F no points

Multiply the number of credit hours for each class completed (GPA hours) by the grade points earned for each class. These weighted grade points are called QUALITY POINTS.

Here's how our sample student did:

Course Grade Received And Points Earned Credits X Grade Points = Quality Points
Gen 1120 = 4 credits A - =3.7 points 4 credits X 3.7 points = 14.8 quality points
Math 2215 = 5 credits C+ =2.30 points 5 credits X 2.30 points = 11.5 quality points
Chem 2110 = 4 credits F= 0 points 4 credits X 0 points = 0 quality points
Chem 2115 = 1 credit B = 3 points 1 credit X 3 points = 3 quality points
Phil 1101 (W), no credit **no grade, 0 points W, not computed in GPA

** Your GPA is computed based on your total number of graded semester hours, or "quality hours." Since you have not earned a grade in courses in which you take a withdrawal or an incomplete, these hours are not computed in your GPA.

The total number of quality hours (credits completed) = 4 + 5 + 4 + 1 = 14 Quality Hours
The total number of quality points in this example: = 14.8 + 11.5 + 0 + 3= 29.3 Quality Points

The semester GPA is calculated by dividing the quality points by the quality hours. In our example:

29.3/14 = 2.09 is the semester GPA

Remember:  Total Quality Points
                       Total Quality Hours  = GPA

GPA CALCULATORS (calculators will open in a pop-up window)
You can use the GPA calculator on Degree Works to determine your anticipated GPA for the current semester.