Criminal Justice Internship Program

The SUPD internship program is a cooperative effort between Stockton University’s Criminal Justice Program and Stockton University Police Department.  These volunteer interns receive academic credit in the academic program. 

Students interested in law-enforcement related careers gain valuable experience and knowledge by working with campus police officers while they perform their law enforcement duties.  Participants have the opportunity to participate in various forms of training, gain insight into law enforcement’s function within the community, and obtain knowledge as to police policies and procedures.

Some areas of training include:

Radio procedures Patrol Concepts Traffic and Crowd Control
Community Policing Ethics Motor Vehicle Stops
Criminal Law First Aid/CPR Emergency Response
Active Shooter Drug Identification Report Writing
SUPD Policy and Procedure Specialized Unit training Crime Scene Investigation
Situational Scenarios    

Intern responsibility is limited to observing and reporting.  Participants shall not take enforcement action of any kind.  They will have the opportunity to assist in safe training environments and conduct mobile patrols with campus police personnel.

Interns are non-paid college students who work with police department personnel on scheduled dates and times which are established based on their availability.  The approval for this internship program comes from the Stockton University Criminal Justice program as well as the SUPD program coordinator.  A background check will be conducted of all applicants. 


If you are interested in participating in the internship program, please contact Dr. Susan Fahey at (609) 652-4993 or LT. Tracy Stuart at or 609-652-4390.


C.O.P.S. – Community Oriented Patrols for Students

The goal of this student patrol program is to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to work with the Campus Police Department so they better understand the functions, responsibilities and duties of the department and a law enforcement officer. These are paid public safety aid positions which are temporary employees of the Stockton University. Shifts and schedules will vary depending upon availability and departmental needs. All C.O.P.S. assignments are the responsibility of the C.O.P.S. program coordinator.

C.O.P.S. officer’s assignments include the following:

  1. To observe and report any suspicious activity to the Stockton University Police Department
  2. To conduct foot patrol and parking enforcement of University regulations
  3. Mobile patrol with a member of the police department when assigned
  4. To perform various security and administrative duties around campus
  5. To assist students, faculty, staff and others with questions or concerns
  6. Assist with other law enforcement functions as delegated by the C.O.P.S. program coordinator

While these personnel do not perform the same duties as police officers, they do serve as an extra set of eyes and ears for the police department. They are issued uniforms which must be worn while on duty identifying them as C.O.P.S. employees.


  1. Interns must be 18 years of age or older
  2. Special Law Enforcement Class I or Class II Certification preferred
  3. The Student must be in good physical condition and have no medical ailment or condition that would preclude him/her from performing the duties of a C.O.P.S. employee
  4. Must be currently enrolled in the college criminal justice or related program
  5. Must have a class standing of at least a sophomore at Stockton University
  6. Must successfully pass an application and background check conducted by the Stockton University Police Department
  7. Must sign a confidentiality and release of liability waiver
  8. Must agree to abide with all program requirements and rules
  9. Must agree to complete required department trainings and job duties as assigned

To Apply:
Contact LT. Tracy Stuart at or 609-652-4390