Delegate Resources

  1. Join us!

    Join the club! Model UN meets every Thursday 4:30pm-5:45pm in G-203. Find us @stocktonmodelun on Instagram for updates!

  2. Apply to attend a National Model UN (NMUN) in Washington DC, NYC, or abroad

    There is an application process for each conference, pay attention to the deadlines!

  3. Prepare to be a delegate

    Review the NMUN Delegate Prep Guide to see what it's all about!
  4. Research your assigned country

    Talk to your fellow delegates about your assigned country, search for and watch videos of speeches by their UN Diplomats, follow the official social media pages for their Permanent Mission to the United Nations and UN Ambassador(s), read their news, learn about and start to understand their regional and other alliances, know their UN voting records on key resolutions, and more. Your goal at the conference is to represent your assigned country's interests, positions, and values. Not your own. This can be challenging!

  5. Write your position paper

    Use NMUN's Background Guide for your committee - posted for your conference at - to study your topics, and use NMUN's Position Paper Guide to get started.

  6. Practice your speeches

    At meetings, we'll provide you with several speech templates.

  7. Learn how to write a UN resolution

    Lists of UN clauses are available everywhere, and we'll give you our top choices to be prepared.

  8. Learn how to negotiate with other countries in working groups

    Practice these skills in simulations during our weekly meetings. 

  9. Finish your research binder

    Use our binder checklist to prepare

  10. Find professional clothing for the conference

    Ask club leaders about requirements and options for low-cost sources of professional clothing. 

  11. Fundraise & pay your conference fee

    Attend weekly meetings and participate in fundraising opportunities!

  12. Travel to your conference!

    Good luck, Ospreys!