Our Team

Professor of Mathematics

Judith Vogel is an alumna of Stockton University, graduating in 1993. She returned to Stockton as faculty in 2000 and currently holds the title of Associate Professor of Mathematics. Dr. Vogel continued her studies at Temple University receiving her PhD. She is also an associate faculty in Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

Professor of Environmental Science

Jessica Hallagan grew up in Southern New Jersey and is a Stockton alumna. At Stockton, she majored in chemistry with a focus on environmental chemistry. For her doctoral research, she studied soil science and examined inorganic soil biogeochemistry. Dr. Favorito received her PhD in Soil Chemistry from Virginia Tech.

Research Assistant

Ryan Hegarty is a gradaute of the Environmental Science program at Stockton University. His concentraion is in Soil Science and Hydrology. Ryan's main focus is to see how the soil responds to the process of extracting maple syrup and which soil conditions are favorable for maple trees. Ryan is an adovcate for using local renewable resources and has taken this oppportunity head on.


Instructor of Economics

Mariam Majd is a graduate of Stockton University, receiving her bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She continued her studies at the University of Massachusetts where she completed her master’s degree in Economics.

Professor of Environmental Science

Matthew Olson is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Science at Stockton University. He specializes in Forest Ecology, Silviculture, Restoration Ecology, and Forestry. Dr. Olson received his PhD in Forest Resources from the University of Maine.

Professor of Environmental Science

Aaron Stoler is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Science at Stockton University. He received his bachelor's degree in Geography and Environmental Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Continuing his studies at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Stoler received his PhD in Ecology.

Environmental Scientist

Caitlin Clarke graduated from Stockton University with her Environmental Science degree focusing on Groundwater Hydrology, Soil Science, Physical Geology and Physical Geography. She performed the duty of Farm Manager during the inaugural year of the campus' farm existence. 

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