Instructional Continuity Planning - Blackboard Learning Management System

The Blackboard learning management system provides a web-based environment for instruction. The tools and features available allow for full course delivery.


  • Post course material for students
  • Post announcements
  • Conduct electronic discussions
  • Conduct electronic chats
  • Email or send course-based messages to students
  • Create and post quizzes, test and surveys
  • Create and post assignments
  • Assess and grade students
  • Integrate web resources 

Resources and preparation needed

  • Computer, web browser, and Internet access
  • Course materials in MS Word or Adobe PDF format. Adobe is preferable, as some students may not have MS Word on their home computers.
  • Announce to your students that in the event you are unable to conduct class due to a serious campus emergency they should sign on the portal and access Blackboard
  • Optional: Request course development section to test content prior to loading in live course section. To request a development section, visit the Blackboard Tutorial site here.
  • Learn how to use Blackboard
  • Load course materials into Blackboard

Procedure for using Blackboard

  • Blackboard training prior to an emergency is strongly recommended.
  • The “My Courses” channel in the goStockton Portal includes Stockton-specific information for information for all Blackboard users. It is vital to read all of this information and to resolve any browser issues.
  • The Center for Learning Design provides instructional videos and documentation
  • Blackboard provides detailed documentation at and instructional videos in the Blackboard channel on YouTube.

Advance training

Technical Support


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