Classical Humanities Society - Past Speakers

What follows is a mostly compelete list of all guest speakers we have had.  If you feel a name is missing from this list or have some photos/recollections of your expriences with the CHS, please contact us.

An asterisk by the year in the table below denotes that some text or footage is available for your perusal. Please note that an event in solid blue denotes an audio portion of the lecture; purple is for video and red is for a summary.

As lecturers were no longer asked to provide summaries of papers to be delivered, the CHSSJ began taping them.  Thus, there is - to this point - neither video nor audio from before the 2003-04 season. 

Anyone wishing to listen to/watch any of the complete lectures may contact us to set up a session.

Date Name Institution Lecture
9/1/1972 Palmer Bovie Rutgers Ovid's Amores & the Invention of Love
10/1/1972 Margaret Mayo Rutgers A Sexy Gesture in Greek Vase Painting
12/1/1972 Demetrios Constantelos Stockton Survival of the Classics in the Middle Ages
1/1/1973 Wade Stephens Lawrence Decipherment of Linear B
2/1/1973 John Sweeney Seton Hall Classical Epic Tradition in Medieval Heroic Poety
3/1/1973 Frank Bourne Princeton Treatment of Crime & Development of Criminal Law in the Roman Republic
5/1/1973 Allen Lacy Stockton Death of the Past & Preservation of the Cultu
Date  Name Institution Lecture
10/1/1973 Royce Burton Stockton Socrates Through the Eyes of Aristophanes
11/1/1973 Anna Benjamin Rutgers Industrial Athens: The Seamy Side of 5th Century Greece
12/1/1973 James Hollis Stockton Thucydides: Politics as Strategy
2/1/1974 Yechiel Lehavy Atlantic Community College Anthropological Archaeology: Cyprus
3/1/1974 David Silhanek Lehigh Homer and Kazantzakis
4/1/1974 Robert Connor Princeton Opposition to the Peloponnesian War
5/1/1974 Peter Schaeffer Seton Hall Rediscovery of Tacitus' Germania & Beginnings of German Nationalism
Date Name Institution Lecture
10/1/1974 Charles Brand Bryn Mawr  John Kinnamos: Byzantine Historian & Humanist
12/1/1974 Gary Carriveau Brookhaven Archeometry: Modern Scientific Techniques for Archeological Dating
1/1/1975 Hubert Maultsby Stockton Persian Origin of Light/ Darkness Theme in John's Gospel & the Dead Sea Scrolls
2/1/1975 Joseph Russo Haverford Epic vs. Folklore in Homer's Odyssey
3/1/1975 Stewart Farrell Stockton Ores, Metals and Ancient Mineralogy
3/1/1975 Russell Scott Bryn Mawr Roman Gladiators and Gladiatorial Schools
4/1/1975 Penelope Fullard Germantown Friends School Madness in Greek Drama
5/1/1975 Frances Novack Stockton Classical Myth in French Drama
Date Name Institution Lecture
10/1/1976 Brunilde Ridgeway Bryn Mawr Kouroi & Korai: Guys & Dolls in Ancient Greece
11/1/1976 Aurel Trofin University of Babes-Bolyai (Cluj) Roman Dacia
12/1/1976 Robert Wind Muhlenberg Myth and Religion in the Alcestis of Euripides 
1/1/1977 Charles Tuckwood - Coins of Early Christianity
2/1/1977 Ann Bergren Princeton Time in Homer
3/1/1977 Timothy Renner Montclair Papyri & Egypt
4/1/1977 David Kelly Montclair Women in Antiquity: Marriage Contracts
5/1/1977 Martin Jones Stockton Virtue in the Meno of Plato
Date Name Institution Lecture
9/1/77 Niki Stavrolakis - Aegean in Underwater Archaeology
11/1/77 Michael Sollenberger Rutgers The Two Helens of Troy
12/1/77 Gerald Verbrugghe Rutgers Roman Border Defenses & The Great Wall of China: Why One Worked and the Other Didn't
1/1/78 Leonard Swidler Temple Status of Women in Classical and Judeo-Christian Society
2/1/78 Angeliki Laiou Rutgers Women in Byzantium
3/1/78 Arthur Hanson Princeton The Golden Ass of Apuleius
4/1/78 John Crawford U Delaware The Excavations at Sardis
5/1/78 Bruce Jennings Stockton Rediscovery of POLIS in Contemporary Political Theory
Date Name Institution Lecture
10/1/1978 Meryl Levy Stockton Costumes in Antiquity
10/1/1978 Amy Richlin Douglass Out of the Closet: Obscenity in the Tradition of Latin Literature
11/1/1978 Robert Antezak Seton Hall Being Old, Then and Now
12/1/1978 James Luce Princeton Graeco-Roman Influences on the American Republic
1/1/1979 James Miller Stockton The Last Bastion of the Ancient World: The Survival of the Classics
2/1/1979 Gerald Culley U of Delaware Prometheus: Saint or Demon?
4/1/1979 John Barker Newark Museum Bringing Ancient Egypt to Life: An Ancient Craftsman's House Reconstructed
5/1/1979 Robert Henson Glassboro (Rowan) Rome in the East: The Persistence of the Armenian Question
Date Name Institution Lecture
10/1/1979 James Hollis Stockton On Myth & Mythmaking
11/1/1979 Joseph Russo Haverford The Myth of Narcissus
12/1/1979 Thomas Figueira Rutgers Warfare and Trade: The Birth of Greek Slavery
1/1/1980 Lois Hinckley Princeton Aristophanes' Lysistrata: Vindication & Complement to Epic & Tragic Heroes
2/1/1980 George Nugent Princeton The Neronian Age
3/1/1980 Richard Burgi Princeton The Classic Tradition in Slavic Literature
4/1/1980 Harry Evans Rutgers Ovid's Exile Poetry
5/1/1980 Sarah George ASCSA Greek Theories of Human Procreation
Date Name Institution Lecture
10/1/1980 Fredrick Brandfon Stockton The Coastal Plain of Israel in the Classical Period
11/1/1980 Nicolas Gross U of Delaware Antigone: Archaic Thought & Bassileia
2/1/1981 Stephen Patrick - Centurion: An Ancient Combat Simulation
3/1/1981 John Mayer - Pyramids, Mayan and Egyptian
4/1/1981 Martha Davis Temple Silius Italicus: Literature or History
5/1/1981 Ross Kraemer Stockton Sabos & Dionysos: Problems in the Study of Greek Religion
Date Name Institution Lecture
12/1/1981 Fred Mench Stockton The Motel of Mysteries: An Archaeological Spoof
1/1/1982 Eva Marie Thury Drexel Concepts of Deity: Mythological Transformation
2/1/1982 Robert Bull Drew Roman & Byzantine Caesarea
3/1/1982 Katherine Olstein Rutgers Hesiod the Misogynist
4/1/1982 Audrey Napp & Richard King Cumberland County Community College Monuments of Ancient Egypt
5/1/1982 Cindy Jassel Stockton The Lesser Social Virtues in Aristotle's Ethics
Date Name Institution Lecture
11/1/1982 Demetrios Constantelos Stockton Continuity & Discontinuity in the Greek Tradition
12/1/1982 Elizabeth Block U Penn Why Did Ovid Give Up Tragedy?
2/1/1983 David Siegfried Stockton Ancient Greek Theaters
3/1/1983 Mary Lewis Kean Santorini & Crete
3/1/1983 Deborah Roberts Haverford Greek Oracles
Date Name Institution Lecture
12/1/1983 Demetrios Constantelos Stockton Jews & Greeks 1000BCE to 1000CE
1/1/1984 Ross Kraemer Stockton Jewish Community & Family Life in Hellenic Judaism
2/1/1984 Bonnie Ford Cherry Hill Ovid & Mythology
3/1/1984 Phillip Betancourt Temple Excavations at Kommos (Crete): Bronze Age to Roman
Date Name Institution Lecture
10/1/1984 Michael Eisman Temple Synagogues of the Greco-Roman Period
11/1/1984 David Weinberger Stockton The Origins of Philosophy: The Pre-Socratics
12/1/1984 Richard Hamilton Bryn Mawr Rites of Passage in Ancient Athens
1/1/1985 Michael Sollenberger Rutgers The Tradition & Transmission of Ancient Wisdom-Gnomic Anthologies
2/1/1985 Richard Martin Princeton Fire on the Mountain: Lysistrata & the Lemnian Women
3/1/1985 Barbara Burrell Swarthmore Classics and the New Archaeology
4/1/1985 Gerald Verbrugghe Rutgers Pieces of the Roman Historical Tradition
5/1/1985 Fred Booth Rutgers Ovid & Pound: Myth & Metamorphosis
Date Name Institution Lecture
10/1/1985 Kenneth Dover (film) - The Greeks: Greek Beginnings
11/1/1985 Kenneth Dover (film) - The Greeks: Heroes and Men
12/1/1985 Kenneth Dover (film) - The Greeks:  The Classical Age
2/1/1986 Kenneth Dover (film) - The Greeks: The Minds of Men
4/1/1986 Laura Inglis Stockton The Royal Archives of Elba (film)
Date Name Institution Lecture
11/1/1986 John Romer (film) - Ancient Lives 1 & 2
1/1/1987 John Romer (film) - Ancient Lives 3-5
3/1/1987 John Romer (film) - Ancient Lives 6-8

Kenneth Clark (film)

- In the Beginning
Date Name Institution Lecture
12/1/1987 James Romm Cornell Kepler's Somnium: Science Fiction Story & Its Greek Sources
1/1/1988 John Traupman St. Joseph's Narcotica in the Greco-Roman World
2/1/1988 Anna Benjamin Rutgers The Athenian Agora and the Textile Industry
3/1/1988 David Kelly Montclair Aspects of Greek Myth: The Trojan War
5/1/1988 Henry Bender St. Joseph's Prep. The Sculpture at Tiberius' Villa in Sperlonga
Date Name Institution Lecture
9/1/1988 Nynke Smits Drew Sulpicia: A Forgotten Roman Poet
10/1/1988 Lasrissa Bonfante NYU Mothers & Children in the Art of Ancient Italy
10/1/1988 Judith Hallett U of Maryland The Friendship of Men & Women in Classical Rome
11/1/1988 Eugene Borza Penn State The Grave Goods of Alexander the Great


Carrie Cowherd

Howard Aspects of Roman Society from Persius' Satires
2/1/1989 Fred Mench Stockton Perseus & Pegasus: A Post-Classical Mythical Borrowing
3/1/1989 John Ziolkowski George Washington Two Comedies: Thornton Wilder's Matchmaker & Terence's Phormio
4/1/1989 Phyllis Culham US Naval Academy Women, Slaves & Freedmen: Weber, Marx and Concepts of Citizenship at Rome
Date Name Institution Lecture
9/1/1989 James Wright Bryn Mawr Between the Mountains & the Sea: The Cultural Ecology of the Nemea Valley
10/1/1989 Mabel Lang Bryn Mawr Ostraka & Ostracism
11/1/1989 Gloria Pinney Bryn Mawr Imagery in Greek Vases: Current Interpretations
12/1/1989 Lowell Edmunds Rutgers Comparative Approaches to Greek Myth: Oedipus
1/20/1990 Johanna Glazewski Drew Stereotypes of Women in Ancient Literature
2/11/1990 Elaine Fantham Princeton The Gaze of the Gorgon
3/18/1990 George Radan Villanova Anatomy of a Sarcophagus
5/1/1990 Robert Penella Fordham The Emperor Julian the Apostate & the Jews
5/1/1990 Sally Rackley Drew Alexander & the Deaths of Philotas & Parmenion
Date Name Institution Lecture
9/30/1990 Matthew Santirocco U Penn Poet & Patron in Ancient Rome
10/28/1990 Alice Donohue ASCSAE Winckelmann & the History of Greek Sculpture
11/18/1990 Lee Pearcy Episcopal Academy Ancient Science: How We Know What We Know
1/27/1991 David Romano U Penn Museum Roman Colonial City Planning Corinth Computer Project 1988-90
2/17/1991 Julia Gaisser Bryn Mawr Catullus & the Catullan Tradition
3/11/1991 Andrew Ford Princeton Poetry & Immortality in Homer
Date Name Institution Lecture
9/21/1991 Robert Lamberton Princeton Hesoid & the Thespian Festival of the Muses
10/12/1991 Jack Cargill Rutgers Athenian Colonies
11/1/1991 Ralph Rosen U Penn The Poetry of Abuse
2/1/1992 Susan Auth - Bringing Ancient Egypt to Life - An Ancient Craftman's House Reconstructed
3/7/1992 Sheila Murnagham U Penn Male & Female in Classical Myth & Literature
4/4/1992 Rosaria Munson Swarthmore Ancient Concepts of Slavery
Date Name Institution Lecture
9/1/1992 Bonnie Magness Gardner Bryn Mawr Hittites: Portrait of Imperial Power During the Late Bronze Age
10/17/1992 Ted Champlin Princeton Nero the Hero
11/14/1992 Gerald O'Sullivan Stockton Horace: Poet & Persona
1/1/1993 W.R. Marisa - Greatest Archaeological Dig of the 20th Century
2/21/1993 Susan Rotroff Hunter College Free Lunch: Dining at Public Expense in Classical Athens
3/28/1993 Tom Kinsella Stockton Classical Rhetoric & 18th Century Drama
4/1/1993 Gregory Dickerson Bryn Mawr History of the Eleusinian Mystery Cult
Date Name Institution Lecture
9/18/1993 Alden Smith Rutgers Ovid's Orpheus: Some Thoughts About Reading Latin Poetry & More
10/21/1993 Sarah George ASCSA Cult of Asklepios
11/21/1993 Brunhilde Ridgway Bryn Mawr Athena Parthenos in Nashville & Athens
12/3/1993 James Luce Princeton Livy's View of Roman National Character
1/22/1994 Edward Weston Bryn Mawr Lucan the Satirist
2/20/1994 Andre Lardinois Princeton Beyond Hegel & Schlegel: An Ambiguous Reading of Sophocles' Antigone
3/27/1994 Thomas Figueira Rutgers Money in 5th Century BC
4/1/1994 James Hollis Linwood Hamartia: The Myth of the Tragic Flaw 
Date Name Institution Lecture
10/16/1994 Yechiel Lahavey Atlantic Community College Neolithic by the River: Dhali-Agridhi, Cyprus
11/12/1994 Henry Bender St. Joseph's Prep/Villanova Time for All Seasons: Augustus' Solarium: More Than a Sundial
12/3/1994 Jerry Culley U of Delaware Zanger's Flood from Heaven: Was Atlantis Troy?
1/28/1995 Jerry Verbrugghe Rutgers-Camden Why Do Civilizations Die? Case Studies: Ancient Egypt & Ancient Mesopotamia
3/5/1995 Jennifer Sheridan St. Joseph Power of the Pen: Cultural Aspects of Women's Literacy in 4th Century CE Egypt
4/9/1995 Richard Thomas Stockton Lucretius' Venus: Poetry & Imagery in DRN
Date Name Institution Lecture
10/8/1995 Matthew Benjamin Stockton Theater: Ancient & Modern
11/12/1995 Linda Roccos Rutgers Creating the Past: Roman Villa Sculptures
3/10/1996 John Lenz Drew Greek Humanism: For & Against
4/6/1996 Robin-Mitchell-Boyask Temple Is There a Doctor in the House? Asclepius & the Theater of Dionysus
Date Name Institution Lecture
9/22/1996 Patrick Bradley Westown Xenophon's Anabasis: Historical and Narratalogical Comparisons
10/6/1996 Niki Kantzios Bryn Mawr Hercules among the Egyptians: Greek Views of the Egyptians
11/16/1996 Victoria Larson Montclair An American Symbol & its Classical Context: The Statue of Liberty
12/8/1996 Ippokratis Kantzios Stockton Herodotus & the Ends of the World
2/16/1997 Alan Mattlage Stockton Stonehenge & Megalithic Europe
4/5/1997 Michael Sollenberger Mount Saint Mary's Theophrastus - Himself a Character
Date Name Institution Lecture
9/21/1997 Stephen Ciraolo Baldwin Sound & Sense in Greek Poetry
11/22/1997 Demetrios Constantelos Stockton The Classical Background of Christian Philanthropy in the Early Byzantine Era
12/5/1997 Bruce Routledge U Penn Greece and the Near East in the Iron Age: How Hazael's Horse Bridle Got to Greece
2/14/1998 Ippokratis Kantzios Stockton Divine Inspiration & Craftmanship in Homer
3/7/1998 Carolyn Routledge Stockton Popular & State Religion in Ancient Egypt
4/4/1998 Niki Kantzios Bryn Mawr The Cretan Personae of Odysseus
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Date Name Institution Lecture
9/16/2000 Demetrios Constantelos Stockton Byzantine Philanthropy & Its Echo in the Medieval Latin West
10/21/2000 Christopher Long Stockton Ethics and Ontology in Aristotle
11/19/2000 Elizabeth Kennedy Klaassen Episcopal Academy/Bryn Mawr Imitation: Homer, Vergil & Silius Italicus
12/16/2000 Melissa Morison Boston U The Romans in Captive Greece: Changes in Technology and Diet
1/20/2001 Alexander Alexakis Stockton Byzantine Daily Life and Classical Education in 9 Letters of Psellus
2/25/2001 Janice Siegel Temple The Wondrous Legacy of the Ancient Greeks: How We Know What We Know About the Greeks (illustrated)
3/24/2001 Gerald O'Sullivan Stockton The Trial of Jesus: What Do We Know
4/21/2001 Peter King Temple The New Testament and Rome
Date Name Institution Lecture
 9/23/2001  Richard Thomas  Stockton  Light & Dark Imagery in Oedipus Rex.
 10/20/2001  Carolyn Routledge  Stockton  Ma`at and Social Relations in Ancient Egypt
 11/17/2001  Gerry O'Sullivan  Stockton  The Human Element in Greek Tragedy: Aeschylus vs Euripides
1/20/2002 Tom Papademetriou Stockton Greek Paideia in the Ottoman Empire
3/3/2002 Lee Pearcy Episcopal Academy Aristophanes in Philadelphia
Date Name Institution Lecture Media
 10/2/2002 Dan Tompkins Temple Ancient Slavery and Its Legacy  
 11/16/2002 T. Corey Brennan Rutgers Roman Chariot Racing, Then & Now  
12/14/2002 Mark Mallet Stockton Staging Drama, Ancient & Modern  
 1/25/2003 Gerald Verbrugghe Rutgers-Camden Why Didn't Ancient Mesopotamians or Egyptians Invent History?  
2/15/2003 Prudence Jones Rutgers -  
3/29/2003 Robin-Mitchell-Boyask Temple The Marriage of Cassandra in Aeschylus' Agamemnon  
4/12/2003 John Traupman Saint Joseph's Tombaroli: Robbers of Etruscan Tombs  
Date Name Institution Lecture
9/21/2003 Steven Sidebotham U of Delaware Ancient Peoples on the Ancient Trade Routes: A Case Study of Berenike, Egypt
10/19/2003 Fr. George Liacopulos Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Traditional Christianity and its Relationship to Paganism and to Contemporary Neopaganism
11/15/2003 Travis Quay Absegami HS Chianciano Fegato Sano: Recent excavations at a 2nd century AD Roman Bath in Tuscany
1/24/2004 Prudence Jones Rutgers Trends in the Reception of Cleopatra
2/13/2004 Mary Dabney Stockton Marketing Myceanaen Styl
2/13/2004 David Roessel Stockton Bloodthirsty Tyrants & Happy Little Extroverts: Myceanaeans & Minoans in Literature
2/21/2004 Anne Pomeroy Stockton Plato's Georgias and the Responsibility of Educators
3/6/2004 Tighet Westr Stockton Summer Archaeological Digs in Britain & Santorini
3/6/2004 Amanda Coles U Penn Greek & Roman Religious Foundations of Colonies & Their Temples
4/10/2004 John Lenz Drew Why the Greeks Sacrificed Animals to the Gods and What This Shows about Greek Religion
Date Name Institution Lecture Media
 9/12/2004 John Traupman Saint Joseph's Schliemann's Treasures from Troy & Mycenae  
10/17/2004 David G. Romano U Penn Museum The Ancient Olympic Games: Athletes and Heroes  
11/6/2004 Jack Cargill Rutgers How a Historical Study Became a Novel (sort of): The Development of Mercenary of the Gods  
 12/11/2004 Stephanie Budin U Penn/Temple Miasmic Sex: Herodotos and the Creation of Sacred Prostitution  
1/22/2005  David Roessel Stockton Bloodthirsty Tyrants & Happy Little Extroverts: Myceanaeans & Minoans in Literature  
2/13/2005 Mary Dabney Bryn Mawr/Stockton Marketing, Myceanaen Style  
3/6/2005 Amanda Coles U Penn Greek & Roman Religious Foundations of Colonies & their Temples  
4/1/2005 John Muccigrosso Drew Could the Romans Understand Their Own Texts?  
Date Name Institution Lecture Media
9/24/2005 Andrew Szegedy-Maszak Wesleyan Nineteenth-Century American Photographs of the Acropolis  
10/16/2005 Carrie Cowherd Howard Classical Influences in W.E. B.DuBois' Souls of Black Folk  
11/12/2005 Michael Sollenberger Mount Saint Mary's Strato of Lampsacus  
12/4/2005 Patricia Dailey Oakcrest HS Minoan Palaces: Space & Space Use  
1/21/2006 Laura Zucconi Stockton Defining and Treating Illness in the Ancient Near East  
2/19/2006 Sheila Murnaghan U Penn Women in Sophoclean tragedy  
3/25/2006 Lucio Pritivello Stockton In Union with Love: A Mytho-genealogy of Eros in Hesiod's Theogony  
4/1/2006 Alice Rignos Howard Examined Lives: The Figure of Socrates in the Classical World  
Date Name Institution Lecture Media
9/23/2006 Fred Mench Stockton Fictional Rome: Recent Historical Novels, an Update  
10/8/2006 Edmund Keeley Princeton Poems from the Greek Anthology  
11/11/2006 Peter Amato Drexel Gadamer's Republic and Other Dialogues  
12/2/2006 Eric Thurman Drew Fantasies of Masculinity  
1/27/2007 Tom Kinsella Stockton John Quicy Adams, Cicero and the Classics: The Pocket and Pillow Companions of Every Man Part 3
2/10/2007 Joshua Ramsey Temple Versions of the Antigone  
3/25/2007 Emily Wilson U Penn Socrates as a Tragic Character  
4/21/2007 Marina Angel Temple Aristophanes and Susan Glaspell's Trifles  
Date Name Institution Lecture Media
 9/15/2007 George Diamond Stockton Palace or Not: Minoan Arkhanes  
10/27/2007 Stephen Patrick - The Fall of the Roman Empire in the West: It was the Army's Fault  
11/10/2007 Demetrios Constantelos Stockton The Bible and the Classics in Ninth-Century Byzantium  
12/8/2007 Maria Hnaraki Drexel Unraveling Ariadne's Thread: Cretan Music and Dance  
1/26/2008 Mark Mallett Stockton O'Neil and the Tragic Greek: Desire Under the Elms and Classical Dramatic Structures  
2/23/2008 Kate Ogden Stockton The Classical Tradition in Art  
3/1/2008 Rob Nichols Stockton How Greek is Greco-Buddhist Art?  
4/13/2008 Pavlos Avlanis Princeton Popular Books and Readers in the Roman Empire  
Date Name Institution Lecture Media
 10/1/2008 Katerina Baitinger New Jersey City University Odysseus Elytis's Poetry as inor Literature  
11/1/2008 Katherine Panagakos Stockton   Good Boys Gone Bad: Pirates and Robbers in the Ancient Novel  
 12/1/2008 Prudence Jones Montclair University Ceasar and Cleopatra  
12/2/2008 William Lubenow Stockton The Cambridge Ritualists: Greek Studies and the Social Basis of Commensurability, 1876-1924  
1/1/2009 David King Stockton The Poetry of Epic Gore: Mutilation in The Aeneid and The Song of Roland  
2/1/2009 Ralph Rosen U Penn The Greeks on Beauty and Ugliness  
3/1/2009 John Lenz Drew From Political Power to Salvation through Philosophy: Myth in Plato's Replublic, Herodotus and Empedocles  
4/25/2009 Duane Roller Ohio State University Cleopatra of Egypt: Debunking the Myth  
 The Classical Humanities Society of South Jersey has come to the end of its 37th year! 

On September 26th, the season kicked off with an excellent lecture by CHS co-founder Fred Mench.  We scrambled to find more seats, as attendance was unexpectedly high. On October 24th, we were very excited to present Rowan University's Joshua Delpech-Ramey, who visited us a lecturer for the second time. We look forward to reading his new publication. On November 21st, the first half of the 2009-10 series came to an end with Rebecca Goldner's lecture on the new translation of the Aeneid. For a complete summary of the Fall 2009 series by CHS President Privitello, please click here.

The Classical Humanities Society returned on February 27th,  2010 with the first part of an exciting second half theme of  sexuality that will be remembered for a long time.  A summary of those three lectures can be found here. 
Our appreciation and affection go to all of our guests for the time and excellent lectures.

These pages sometimes (and from here on) feature media from some of the lectures. For audio (blue), powerpoint (yellow) and video clips (purple), please go to the media column and click on the part you would like.  For summaries, click anywhere on a red bar (if applicable).

Date Name Institution Lecture Media
 9/26/2009 Fred Mench Stockton The Pygmalion Theme from Ovid to Lars and the Real Girl or In Whose Image: Pygmalion and Galatea, Then & Now  
10/24/2009 Joshua Delpech-Ramey Rowan Rumor Has It: Plato's Other Politics of Truth  
11/21/2009 Rebecca S. Goldner Villanova A Woman's Game to Me  
2/27/2010 J. Eric Butler Villanova Aristotle and the Science of Sexuality  
3/20/2010 Fulvia Serra U Penn The Secret of Good Love: Perception of Gender and the Art of Good Taste in Plato's Time  
4/24/2010 John M. Carvalho Villanova For the Love of Boys: Knowledge and Pleasure Among the Greeks  


For the third year in a row, the CHS has enjoyed consistenly high attendance.  A complete summary of this season, along with a preview of the 2011-2012 line-up, by CHS President, Lucio Privitello, can be found here.  Many thanks to all of our guest lecturers and supporters. 

These pages sometimes feature media from some of the lectures. For audio (blue), PowerPoint (yellow) and video clips (purple), please go to the media column and click on the part you would like.  For summaries, click anywhere on a red bar (if applicable).

  Date Name Institution Lecture Media
Flyer  9/18/10 Lynn Sawlivich University of Delaware Truth and Memory in Classical Mythology Click Here
Flyer  10/16/2010  Valentina DeNardis Villanova The Rise and Fall of Icarus: Myth and Metaphor Click Here
Flyer  11/13/2010 Edward Siecienski Stockton The Church Fathers as Humanists  
Flyer  02/26/11 Adeline Koh Stockton The Politics of Classical Tragedy in Chinua Abebe's Things Fall Apart: Rewriting the Colonial Library  
Flyer  3/26/11 Lucio Angelo Privitello Stockton The Classics in Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time  
Flyer 4/16/11 Katherine Panagakos Stockton When Love Unites with the Soul: The Cupid and Psyche Story in Apuleius and C.S. Lewis

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