Eligibility Information

Admission to Stockton does not guarantee eligibility for initial certification in Teacher Education. The School of Education follows New Jersey Department of Education regulations in 6A:9A for all future teachers and maintains a detailed page about How our Program Works.

Students seeking to enter the Professional Education/field work courses should follow these five steps:

  1. Log into your go portal and view Degree Works to be sure "Education" appears as a concentration under your major. If not, click the Student Services tab to complete a Change of Major form, keeping your major, and adding Education as a concentration. Please be sure to check the box that indicates you are adding Education.
  2. Click the Blackboard [Bb] icon at the top of your go portal screen to find the Teacher Education Program Overview site. If you do not see the Teacher Education Program Overview inside your Blackboard list of courses, email your name and Z number to soe@stockton.edu 
  3. Mark your calendar for one of the following dates Oct 10, 2023: 4:30-5:30pm, Nov 3, 2023: 9:00-10:00am, Mar 19, 2024: 4:30-5:30pm, or Apr 5, 2024: 9:00-10:00am to attend a Mandatory Orientation Meeting in Alton Auditorium, required of all Education students during your first semester at Stockton.
  4. Review the module overview/table of contents in Blackboard and make a plan to complete them by the deadlines below. Print the pacing guide to stay on track. Most students begin their first 50 hours of field work in public schools by the beginning of their junior year. Please note that attending a mandatory meeting is required to "unlock" some of the modules. You cannot begin your field work until you have completed all eight (8) modules, outlined here in brief:
    1. TEDU Program Overview
    2. New Jersey Basic Skills Requirement (you must attempt the Core by the time you earn 32 credits if you do not have ACT 23 or SAT 610 Verbal/570 Math (if taken after 3/1/2016). Begin by reading this page and signing up for a free Khan Academy preparation account.
    3. New Jersey State Code Exam and TB Test
    4. Substitute Certification or Criminal Background Clearance 
    5. Harrassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Awareness Training
    6. Child Abuse Awareness
    7. Professionalism, including a self-assessment and two External Reviews of your Disposition
    8. Documentation submission & communication requirements
  5. When you have completed all 8 of the modules, re-check Degree Works in your portal to be sure all green checks appear in the Prerequisites for Entry into Professional Education section (about midway down). If you still see any of these items missing, please scan and email them to SOE@stockton.edu with your name and Z number. Please be sure to apply for your first 50 hours of Clinical Experience in public schools by the closest deadlines (they are the same every year):

Fall Semester: complete all 8 requirements and apply for placement before June 1

Spring Semester: complete all 8 requirements and apply for placement before October 1

Summer Semester: complete all 8 requirements and apply for placement  before March 1