Online Resources

Financial Calculators

Teachers and students in personal finance, as well as professionals, utilize financial calculators. These tools aid in helping consumers measure financial statistics such as debt payments, interest payments, and investments over a period of time.

SCEFL recommends the following websites for “reliable” financial calculators, meaning they have no advertising or limited advertising:

  • FINRA: a variety of financial calculators, games, and financial services resources
  • a variety of financial calculators
  • Employee Benefit Research Institute’s Choose to Save: a comprehensive choice of calculators
  • Practical Money Skills for Life: a comprehensive choice of calculators
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants: credit card payment optimizer
  • Nerd Wallet Education: an excellent student loan repayment calculator tool because it prompts the user to enter all federal direct loans (unsubsidized and subsidized), private loans, and loan consolidation; the website also has other financial tools, e.g. comparing credit cards, debit cards, checking accounts
  • car loan calculator 

 Student Money Saving Tip! - Define short and long term goals.