Challenges / Events

The Center coordinates and participates in activities, workshops, conferences, and professional development opportunities that promote economic and financial literacy and capabilities. 

Challenges and Competitions

The Center, through its work with NJCFE,  helps coordinate State of New Jersey and southern NJ regional participation by schools and teams in statewide and national challenges and competitions. See NJCFE’s web site for updated information.

NJ Saves, part of America Saves Week (each February- March)

The Stock Market Game™, sponsored by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA Foundation for Investor Education)

Claim Your Future Game Created by the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME), Maine’s higher education agency, Claim Your Future® is a game that encourages students to explore education after high school, future careers, and money management. The game is either a handheld board or can be played online. 

Con 'Em If You Can In this interactive strategy game, learn first-hand about the tactics used to perpetrate fraud, so you'll be better able to defend against them. Watch the trailer, learn more and play the game today! Or download the app directly to your mobile device from the app stores (search "Con Em").