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The Path, Stockton's official yearbook, is a historical record of the academic school year which is taking on a new form this year. Every graduating student has the opportunity to receive a 265 page FULL YEAR YEARBOOK highlighting both Fall and Spring semester events. The cost is included in the graduation fee for each student. An e-mail will be sent out asking each graduate if they wish to recieve a yearbook or not (TBD on dates - but keep a lookout) with request of their address. Yearbooks will be mailed out in the summer following commencement. 

NOTE: Graduates must be sure to check their designated Stockton e-mail reguarly to be filled in on any vital information pertaining to yearbook information (portrait sessions, congratulatory ads, delivery updates, etc.). 


Please be aware that an academic yearbook year consists of Summer, Fall and Spring graduates. For example: Summer 2019, Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 will fall under the 2019-2020 yearbook.

The yearbook staff covers major university events, clubs and organizations, athletics, graduation programs, and highlights individual happenings throughout each school. We're looking for students with curiosity, imagination, dedication and energy. No experience is necessary; you don't have to own high-tech camera equipment or be a Pulitzer Prize candidate. Our production software is "point and click."

To inquire about student staff positions or if you have any comments/concerns, contact or Kristy Rothermel through the Office of Event Services and Campus Center Operations at (609) 652-4525.





Lors Photography
Customer Service Number: 908-964-0847 

Summer 2020, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 graduates


Yearbook Portrait Sessions for the 2020-21 yearbook:

WHO? Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021 Graduation Candidates ONLY

WHAT? Lors Photography will be on-campus to take portrait pictures for soon-to-be graduates. The poses include cap and gown, just gown (which will automatically be placed in the annual yearbook), and business casual (which can be used as a professional headshot).

WHERE? Campus Center Meeting Room #5


  • Thursday, September 10
  • Friday, September 11
  • Saturday, September 12


  • 2020-21 Baccalaureate Candidates - lookout for an e-mail from Lors Photography to log in and schedule your timeslot
  • 2020-21 Master/Doctoral Candidates - Call Lors Photography directly to schedule your appointment (908) 964-0847
2020-2021 GraduatesFor specific portrait questions, please contact Lors Photography Customer Service 908-964-0847.


Daytime and evening hours are available to accommodate students' varying schedules. Portrait sessions are also FREE OF CHARGE (unless it is a re-sit, which is a $10 fee), so come to the camera to be included in the annual yearbook! You can decide later if you wish to purchase pictures for yourself. 


PLEASE NOTE: Lors Photography will be implementing new procedures to ensure all students have the safest possible environment consistent with state, federal and CDC guidelines.

Note: If your graduation semester has changed and you have already taken pictures, please contact Kristy Rothermel ( to either take you out of the current yearbook or bump you up into the current yearbook. It is the responsibility of graduating students to relay this information.


Have questions? This should help.

To be featured in the yearbook, you must have your portrait taken by our photography company. There are absolutely no exceptions. This is to ensure consistency as well as technical standards required for the printing of the book. No outside photographs are permitted under any circumstances.

Depending on how busy the photographers are at the time, the amount of time your session takes will vary. Try to schedule your appointment where you will have around 30 – 60 minutes of free time (just incase!).

You can dress however you wish, but know that there will be a few poses taken to provide choices for your proof package that is sent to your home. Business casual - can be used as a professional headshot. Academic poses - cap and hood, just hood, cap with diploma, etc. If you wish to color coordinate your clothes to the hood color that you will be wearing, see the below hood color combinations. For bachelor’s and master’s candidates, academic attire will consist of a black gown plus colored hood according to your degree.

BACHELORS DEGREE (look on You Portal to know which one you will be graduating with):
Bachelor of Arts – WHITE
Bachelor of Fine Arts – BROWN
Bachelor of Science – SCIENCE GOLD

American Studies (AMST): WHITE
Business Administration (MBA): DRAB
Communication Disorders (MSCD): SAGE GREEN
Computational Science (MSCP): GOLDEN YELLOW   
Criminal Justice (CRIM): PURPLE
Education (EDUC): LIGHT BLUE
Educational Leadership (MAEL): LIGHT BLUE
Holocaust and Genocide Studies (MAHG):  WHITE
Instructional Technology (MAIT):  LIGHT BLUE
Nursing (NURS):  APRICOT
Occupational Therapy (MSOT):  SLATE BLUE
Professional Science (PSM): SCIENCE GOLD
Social Work (MSW): CITRON

Organizational Leadership (LEAD): LIGHT BLUE
Nursing Practice (DNP): APRICOT
Physical Therapy (PHTH): TEAL

It’s FREE to sit for a portrait session. If you wish to purchase the photos, a packet of proofs will be sent to you within a few weeks of your session.

Yes. If you are not satisfied with your photos, you may re-sit, but for a $10 charge. This will be due at the time you sign in for your appointment.

The gown pose WITHOUT the cap will appear in the yearbook. By registering and attending your portrait session, your photo will automatically be included in the yearbook. You can choose with gown pose without cap you would like in the yearbook when you receive the proofs. If you do not choose one, it will be chosen for you. Also, if your graduation year changes, please notify ( us so we can make note to not include you in the current yearbook.

There is no additional cost for graduates to receive a yearbook as they are covered in your graduation fee!

Upon the completion of the yearbook, all graduates that have indicated they wish to receive a yearbook will automatically have their copy mailed out in July/August following Spring Commencement. If you have missed the opportunities to answer 'yes' in receiving one, please e-mail including your name, z-number, address and graduation semester/year.

The first yearbook is FREE for graduating students, but if you wish to purchase an additional yearbook, the cost is $50. E-mail for more information.

For more information, visit to research all that you need to know for your big day. More information about commencement will be available as the date approaches.



Congratulatory Ads

Make The Path Yearbook as Special as Your Gradaute.

Jostens, Stockton University's contracted yearbook company, handles congratulatory ads for The Path Yearbook with a fully online-based program. Reserve a space in the 2019-20 yearbook to share your congratulations, a special message, or a family memory. 

What is the process to create a congratulatory ad?



Click on the picture to create your ad for Summer 2019, Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 graduates!