One-on-one Contact – No interaction between any adult and a minor without at least one other Authorized Adult, Trained Assistant, parent or legal guardian present.  But there is more, please read the Procedure in its entirety. If you have questions about your specific activity please feel free to direct them to POM@stockton.edu.

These procedures apply to all employees or any other person subject to the terms of the Protection of Minors Policy.  Specifically, personnel who have  a Direct Contact Position which is a position or job title that includes responsibility to exercise direct supervision, guidance, or control of Minors, which may include counselors or volunteers under the age of eighteen (18) years.

If you are not involved in any program or activity involving minors, and do not have a Direct Contact Positon, most of the provisions of the policy will not apply to you. Everyone, however, is expected to report any suspected instances of abuse of neglect of a minor, including the maintenance of child pornography.

New Jersey law (NJSA 9:6-8.10) requires all persons who have reasonable cause to believe that a minor has been subject toabuse or neglect to report it to the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency, formerly the Division of Youthand Family Services (DYFS) at 1-877- NJABUSE (1-877-652-2873).

If you meet the criteria of a Direct Contact Position with responsibility to exercise direct supervision, guidance, or control of Minors you must meet the definition of an Authorized Adult.  An Authorized Adult must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, have completed the background check process, and completed initial and annual refresher online training regarding the Protection of Minors Procedure.

All requests for background checks are processed through the Office of Human Resources. Please contact Sharon Hunt (sharon.hunt@stockton.edu).
The University pays for the cost.  The department/office of a person requiring a check for will charge the cost to the Institutional General org 440017.
Background checks are valid for a period of three (3) years.
Yes, Stockton will accept background checks conducted for another organization.
The Procedure does not apply to classroom teaching activities, to Minors matriculated as undergraduate students in Stockton’s academic programs, or Minors who are enrolled in Summer Session courses.
A Stockton student that participates needs to meet the definition of a Trained Assistant.  A Trained Assistant is an individual, paid or unpaid, who has received initial and annual online training in the Protection of Minors Procedure and must be supervised by an Authorized Adult(s) at all times. The Stockton student/Trained Assistant does not require a background check.
The Protection of Minors Procedure does not apply to open door community events.
The majority of organizations using a Stockton facility have completed our standard Agreement for Organization’s Use of University’s Facilities.  That Agreement requires a certification by the organization that they are aware of, and compliant to, the Protection of Minors Procedure.  If the organization did not go through the Agreement process please notify us atPOM@stockton.edu.