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With its designation as an Anchor Institution and its investment in the Atlantic City campus, Stockton University confirmed its commitment to the City. On November 21, 2017, the CRDA adopted new land use regulations for the Tourism District, which include the Gateway and Bader Field Districts.  This adoption includes the University District Overlay, which amends and effectuates land use enhancements within the Tourism District.  

On July 18, 2018 the Atlantic City Council approved the designation of a University District surrounding the new Stockton University Atlantic City campus, stretching from the bay to the ocean in the historic Chelsea section of the coastal city. 

The designation supports Stockton’s role as a state-designated Anchor Institution in the city. It is intended to promote investment and development in academic and related uses within the boundaries of the district, support a vibrant and diverse economic environment that will protect and enhance the long-term economic and social interest of City’s residents and maintain, and improve the City’s overall quality of life.

The new University District extends from Sovereign Avenue to Dover Avenue, and from the Boardwalk to the Inside Thoroughfare and comprises of sections of the Chelsea, Chelsea Heights and Lower Chelsea neighborhoods.  . It also crosses over the Albany Avenue Bridge to include and area between Albany Avenue and Trenton Avenue to West End Avenue, and almost 50 acres within Bader Field District.  The area also connects the Gateway and the Bader Field Districts.  

University District

This map of Atlantic City sets forth the boundaries of the University District, including portions of the District that are within the jurisdiction of the City and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA).

Purpose of the University District

  • The University District is intended to promote investment and development in academic and related uses within the boundaries of the District.
  • The University District will authorize additional permitted uses of the property within the District area.
  • The University District will be identified with signs throughout the District area to promote the identity of the University District.
  • The University District will support the University’s role as an Anchor institution in the City.

The University District Does NOT

  • The University District does not eliminate any existing permitted uses of property within the District.
  • The University District does not designate the District area as a redevelopment area.
  • The University District does not designate the University as a redeveloper.
  • The University District does not mean the University has the authority to approve or disapprove individual projects or uses within the District
  • The University District does not grant the University condemnation rights within the District area.

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