Non-Matriculated Registration

A non-matriculated student is one who is interested in taking courses for credit, but who has not formally applied to Stockton. While students may complete a registration form to select classes, they are not considered matriculated or working toward a degree until they complete the formal application process.

Undergraduate Students:

Non-matriculated undergraduate students are limited to 8 credit hours in any term, and no more than 24 credits may be attempted in non-matriculated status. To register beyond the limit of 24 credits, the non-matriculant must apply and be admitted as a matriculated student.

Note: Undergraduate non-matriculated students are not eligible for financial aid  nor are they eligible to live in on-campus housing.  Fall 2024 students will receive registration information after August 20, 2024. 

Graduate Students:

Non-matriculated graduate students are limited to 9 credit hours, in total, in most graduate programs. The MAED, MAIT and MBA limit non-matriculated students to 6 credit hours of attempted study, without the possibility of repeating a course. The DPT, MSCD, and MSOT programs do not accept non-matriculated students.

Note: Graduate programs may require either undergraduate or other graduate courses as prerequisites. Non-matriculated students are not eligible for financial aid or graduate assistantships, nor are they eligible to live in on-campus housing.

Support Information:

For Undergraduate questions:

Telephone: (609) 652-4261
Fax: (609) 626-5541
Office Hours: Monday-Friday., 8:30am-5:00pm
Campus Center Suite 101

For Graduate questions:

Telephone: (609) 626-3640
Fax: (609) 626-6050
Office Hours: Monday-Friday., 8:30am-5:00pm 
Campus Center Suite 101