International Admissions I-20

Admitted International Students

Congratulations on your admission to Stockton University! You are one step closer to realizing your dreams of studying abroad. Welcome to the vibrant community where each student receives individual attention and is supported academically, socially and emotionally. Here you can explore your full potential through research, internships, service-learning and experiential learning.

Step 2 of your study abroad application process is the Application for Form I-20 and preparation for course registration. Follow the below steps in their suggested sequence to confirm your enrollment, apply for Form I-20 and prepare to register for classes!

Your Next Steps Are:

1. Submit the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit, and

2. Submit the Completed application for Form I-20


All admitted international students must submit the non-refundable* enrollment confirmation deposit, applied against their first semester tuition, to hold a place in the entering class. The deposit is required to proceed to the application stage for Form I-20, secure on campus housing and receive an invitation for Orientation and Registration.

The enrollment deposit is not a fee, but a good faith down payment on your first semester tuition and is deducted from your first semester’s tuition bill.

NOTE: International students denied an F-1 visa are eligible for a refund of their enrollment confirmation deposit (supporting documents must be provided). To apply for the refund, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Instructions to Submit the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit:

  1. Log into your goPortal: (initial username and password are in your Acceptance Letter).
  2. Enter your username and password and click Login.
  3. Select the Bursar tab and click Make a Deposit in the My Account box (center of the page).
  4. You will be redirected to the TouchNet Payment System. Choose the appropriate term from the drop down menu and click Select.
  5. Choose the appropriate deposit type from the drop down menu and verify the term and amount are correct.
  6. Choose the payment method from the drop down menu and click Select. Follow the remaining prompts.

REMEMBER - deposits must be made by the indicated deadline, to ensure ample time to apply for Form I-20. Refer to Deposit Deadlines for details.

The Form I-20 is a legal document issued by a U.S. government-approved education institution. This form serves many purposes which include but are not limited to:

  • Certification that a student has been admitted to a full-time program of study
  • Demonstrated sufficient financial resources to enter the U.S. and remain therein independently, funding their own cost of attendance, housing, food, transportation, health insurance, school supplies and other miscellaneous expenses.

The official title for the Form I-20 is “Certificate of Eligibility”, as it establishes the recipient of this form as eligible to apply for the F-1 visa as a U.S. consulate or embassy abroad.

Only individuals who plan on entering the United States or adjusting their legal status to F-1 must apply for the Form I-20.

Dependent children in E, G, H, I, J, L, M, N, 0, P, R, or S status must change status from dependent to their own legal status in the U.S. (F-1 or otherwise) after their 21st birthday.

How do I apply for the Form I-20?

Completed applications for Form I-20 accompanied by all required supplemental documents and proof of funding must be submitted by their respective deadlines.

Completed applications for Form I-20 are typically reviewed in 10-15 business days. Expect delays if applying during peak times (at the end of each application cycle).

Please complete the below documents and email them to

  1. Application for Form I-20

    This digital form is located in your Applicant Portal and is available after the Enrollment Deposit has been paid. All individuals seeking consideration for the Form I-20 must apply and request the review of their file.


    The Transfer Form is necessary only for international students already present in the U.S. on an F-1 visa.

    F-1 students transferring from another SEVP certified institution within the US must complete the International Student Transfer Form in order for Stockton to issue a new Form the I-20.

    When an F-1 student begins their full-time study, their SEVIS rests with their initial education institution. If the student wants to leave their initial institution and transfer elsewhere, their SEVIS record must be transferred to the new school, so the student’s original SEVIS ID and history is maintained in SEVIS.

  2. Affidavit of Support


    One of the purposes of the Form I-20 is to evaluate applicants' availability of sufficient financial resources to enter the U.S. and remain therein independently, funding their own cost of attendance, housing, food, transportation, health insurance, school supplies and other miscellaneous expenses.

    The Affidavit of Support is used to show the source of the funds you intend to use to fund your education. Each sponsor must fill out their own individual Affidavit, ensure it is complete, signed and dated. If the student is using his/her own funds, he/she must fill out the Affidavit on their own behalf and indicate that they will be supporting themselves.

    An official seal from a bank or notary public must be affixed in order for the document to be valid. All Affidavits must be in English and funds must be indicated in U.S. currency.

    Bank statement(s) with enough funding to cover your educational and personal expenses must be provided. The official bank statement (or letter on official letterhead) must be:

    • in the sponsor’s name (if you are sponsoring yourself, it will be in your own name),
    • in English,
    • in U.S. Dollar,
    • less than six months old, with most recent balance

    Acceptable Documents include letters from employers verifying annual income in US dollars and/or copies of income tax forms. 

    Unacceptable Documents: proof of property ownership, income from investments, financial documents from another international student or scholar, letters containing statements such as “The sponsor has sufficient funds”.


  3. Sponsor's Affidavit for Room and Board


    Students who chose to not live on campus must disclose where they will be living. If their housing and meals are provided by someone other than the student, the sponsor must complete the Affidavit for Free Room and Board. For example, if you plan on living with a friend, or a relative and commute to Stockton, the individual with whom you will live must complete this Affidavit.

    Otherwise, the student must reside on campus, register for on-campus housing and submit the $150 housing deposit.


  • Documents in a language other than English must be accompanied by a certified translation, and must contain the original document being translated. All certified translations must be notarized.
  • If you are providing copies of documents, please make sure they are official, certified true copies. A certified copy is a photocopy made from an original document, upon which an educational or consular officer has affixed their signature and official seal, as well as a statement attesting to the document being a true copy of the original.
  • Stockton University cannot guarantee the return of any original documents submitted in support of your application. We suggest you make copies of the originals for your personal records.