Stockton Atlantic City Solutions Initiative

Stockton University Atlantic City aerial view

Stockton University believes that faculty and students have the capacity, and responsibility, to study important contemporary issues, and contribute to the betterment of their communities. This commitment to civic learning is so deeply interwoven into the institution’s fabric, that it forms part of the University’s mission statement: “Through research and community service, we actively seek to take advantage of and to improve the unique physical and human environment.” Because of its recent growth and commitment to Atlantic City in particular, the state designated Stockton as an anchor institution in 2016.

The Stockton Atlantic City Solutions Initiative (SACSI) contributes to this mission by aligning academic resources and research with urban concerns. Stockton faculty have launched dozens of projects in Atlantic City, and written extensively about its opportunities and challenges. SACSI harnesses this ongoing research to help inform policy development, provide expert testimony, support city initiatives, and implement community-wide research projects. Its work is guided by the Atlantic City Executive Council.

For more information, please contact Michelle Craig McDonald, Chief Officer for Academic Programming, Atlantic City & Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Stockton University: (609) 761-1201 and