Late or Medical Withdrawal from a Course

For undergraduate and graduate students:

Because the University provides a permissive time frame allowing students to withdraw from classes with no academic penalty, withdrawals from courses after the published deadline are not permitted except in extraordinary circumstances beyond a student’s control, such as military service or a serious illness requiring home or hospital care.  Appeals referenced in this section will be considered up to 20 calendar days following the end of the term.

The following are examples of reasons for which exceptions to the University policy are NOT granted. This list is by no means comprehensive.

  • A student’s forgetting or missing the deadline
  • A student’s not knowing the deadline or that s/he needs to withdraw
  • A student’s failure to process a withdrawal successfully and correctly online
  • A student’s decision to stay in a course past the published deadline to try to improve a grade
  • A student’s decision to stay in a course past the published deadline to determine whether or not to withdraw from the course
  • A student’s having a hold on his/her account (unless the hold was placed in error)
  • A student’s ceasing to attend the class, even if the instructor is informed
  • An instructor’s simply “approving” the withdrawal

In the rare event that a student has experienced circumstances beyond his or her control that might permit an exception to the University policy on course withdrawals, the student may submit an appeal to the Office of the Provost at Any documentation supporting the appeal should be included. Not necessarily required—but potentially recommended—is a statement from the course instructor describing the student’s course attendance, amount of graded work completed and any information deemed relevant by the instructor. The statement should be sent by the instructor to

Appeals for medical withdrawal must include appropriate documentation regarding such medical circumstances. The Office of the Provost may confer with the Wellness Center for a review of the appeal and documentation. The Wellness Center will notify affected instructors. The University reserves the right to require the positive recommendation of the Office of Health Services prior to the student’s subsequently re-enrolling at the College. In order to make a recommendation on re-enrollment, the Office of Health Services may request pertinent medical documentation of the student’s readiness to resume academic activities.

The Office of the Provost may request additional information or documentation before considering a student’s request for an exception to University policy. In no case will an appeal be considered without submission of a detailed appeal and documentation. Decisions made by the Office of the Provost concerning exceptions to the established withdrawal policy are final.  The late or medical withdrawal appeal period expires at the 20th calendar day following the end of the term (i.e. fall, spring, summer).

Part-time students, those who are enrolled in fewer than 12 credits in a term and are seeking a refund, may submit an appeal to the Office of the Provost using the same guidelines outlined above. Full-time students paying flat-rate tuition are not eligible to seek a refund unless the withdrawal causes them to drop below full-time status.