Academic Amnesty

Amnesty is a special opportunity that allows former students of Stockton who were very close to completing their undergraduate degrees to return and fulfill the requirements that were in effect at the time of their most recent prior matriculation.  The following criteria are used to determine whether or not a student may be eligible for amnesty:

  1. the student was formerly matriculated at Stockton;
  2. the student must have completed a minimum of 120 credits toward a degree at Stockton;
  3. the student was in good academic standing when they left Stockton, i.e., had at least a 2.0 GPA, and was not subject to disciplinary action when they left the University;
  4. the student needs 32 or fewer credits to complete the degree at the time they left Stockton. 

Former students who fulfill the above criteria may apply for amnesty by writing a letter to the Office of the Provost at

The letter should state that the individual is requesting amnesty, the student’s program and the approximate years of attendance at Stockton. The Office of the Provost will request an evaluation of the former student’s degree status from the Center for Academic Advising. The Center for Academic Advising will verify with the student’s academic program that program requirements:

  • have been fulfilled according to current requirements;
  • will have been fulfilled upon completion of the remaining courses; or
  • will be waived or substitutions approved because the student would have fulfilled program requirements at the time of prior matriculation. 

The Office of the Provost will review University-wide requirements and make the final determination regarding the student’s eligibility for amnesty. Students who return under the amnesty policy must complete their degree within one calendar year and take any remaining courses at Stockton.  The University reserves the right to grant amnesty under special circumstances that may deviate from the above policy. Individuals who wish to determine whether their special circumstances qualify for amnesty are directed to contact