Meg White

Meg White

Meg White, associate professor of Education at Stockton University, recently collaborated with colleagues to publish the book, “William Frantz Public School: A Story of Race, Resistance, Resiliency, and Recovery in New Orleans,” which highlights the stories of school desegregation in New Orleans beginning with Ruby Bridges in 1960 through the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina on public education. 

It matters that society has historically marginalized Black students and continues to do so.

It matters that attempts to dismantle systemic racism in schools and other institutions still face strong resistance and these issues continue to deeply divide the United States.

It matters that discrimination and systemic racism in public education is indicative of that which occurs in other social institutions.

It’s important to know where we came from so we can be better about where we’re going.

Most teaching vacancies are in urban areas where we need our most dedicated and prepared teachers. Our program strives to fill this need with students who have had a variety of fieldwork experiences and are prepared from day one to teach in any classroom.

This Voice was originally published in 2020. At the time of publication, and presently, White was an associate professor of Education.