Internships for all SOBL Students

NJ Courts Probation Division 

The NJ Probation offices are moving from a monitoring approach to a social services approach and offering an incredible opportunity for all SOBL students: CRIM, POLS, PSYC, ECON, ANTH, SOCY, VICT minors, and CHST minors with an interest in juvenile probation services to intern.  This is a yearlong internship allowing students to work between 10-20 hours per week at the student’s discretion, earning $20/hour. The NJ Courts Probation Division will be providing Stockton with learning objectives and a work plan which we can share with you once received. The internship can be taken for 0-8 credits. Both your preceptor and Elyse Matthews, Internship Coordinator, can help you determine if the credits will qualify as program, cognate or at some distance.

Internship Details: Interns shadow probation officers (adult and juvenile supervision, sex offenders, mental health, child support enforcement, etc.) and may participate in special projects, the jobs program*, and research. A round robin rotational system allows students to learn a little bit of everything. This is a great internship for those interested in helping people, allowing them to work with the probation population from intake and pre-trial through sentencing and jail.                                                                                                          *The jobs program is geared toward helping NJ’s 100,000+ probation population to get jobs at a living wage with benefits and is focused on rehabilitation of mind and body along with employment to ensure success.

Benefits: Students who complete the program (min 6 months) will be offered the opportunity to apply to become employed as a Probation Officer. This makes the position both a valuable educational opportunity and an opportunity to begin a career. The NJ Courts Probation Division hopes to attract qualified students from diverse backgrounds wanting a career working in the rehabilitation and recovery field in our justice system. It is important, well-paying work that makes New Jersey a better place to live.

Requirements: This opportunity is open to graduating seniors with a 3.0 GPA  + recent graduates and graduate students. Students must be able to pass the background check.

If you would like to be considered:

  1. Complete this internship application (available Oct 3)

  2. Read all 6 steps on the main internship page.

  3. Schedule an appointment to meet with the internship coordinator.