Political Science Internships

State & Local Internships (POLS 3900 Political Science Local Internship) The Political Science Program strongly recommends internships as an integral part of our students' curriculum. Internships provide practical knowledge of government and politics and professional contacts which can be leveraged for employment opportunities after graduation. State and local internship opportunities include the following areas of interest: political campaigns & elections; district offices of elected officials; municipal, county or state governmental agencies, policy research (Hughes Center for Public Policy); criminal justice (law offices or public defender offices); non-profit or advocacy organizations; and print and broadcast journalism.

Students interested in arranging a state or local internship or who have already secured an internship and wish to receive POLS credits (POLS 3900 Political Local Internship – 4 credits) should:

Fill out this Internship Application Form (Log in with Stockton Google ID to access application)

Meet with Prof. Michael S. Rodriguez (Michael.Rodriguez@Stockton.edu) to identify a specific internship site.

Meet with Elyse Matthews (Elyse.Matthews@Stockton.edu) for assistance in resume writing, interviewing, and securing an Internship Agreement with the prospective internship site.

After the Affiliation Agreement is signed, meet with Prof. Rodriguez to register for POLS 3900 Political Science Local Internship. *

Requirements for receiving academic credit (POLS 3900):

  1. Work 10 hours weekly for 15 weeks (total of 150 hrs.) for Fall and Spring semesters; or 15 hours weekly for the 10-week summer session (total of 150 hours).

  2. Prof. Rodriguez will assign a documentary and readings based on the internship work; interns will write a 15-page analytic paper on the course material as well as insights/observations from the internship experience.


* A local internship cannot begin formally until the Affiliation Agreement is approved by Stockton University and the student has registered for POLS 3900.