Criminal Justice Internships

CRIM Undergraduate Internship Requirements:

Must be a CRIM major 
Must be a junior or senior
Must have a 2.5 GPA or better
Must have completed and passed Research & Evaluation – CRIM 2141 with a C or better - before the internship begins
Must complete the application and schedule and internship meeting by the deadline

Additional notes regarding CRIM undergraduate internships

  • Students must take CRIM 2141 Research and Evaluation before being placed in CRIM 3900 Internship.  In very few, select cases, CRIM 2141 may be waived as a prerequisite for CRIM 3900.  Waiving CRIM 2141 as a prerequisite for CRIM 3900 requires approval from the CRIM Program Coordinator, CRIM internship coordinator, and the SOBL internship coordinator.  If CRIM 2141 is waived as a prerequisite for CRIM 3900, the student still must complete CRIM 2141.  CRIM 2141 is NOT waived entirely.
  • Students must take the CRIM 36xx Capstone course.  CRIM 3900 Internship does NOT replace CRIM 36xx.

CRIM Graduate Internship Requirements:

Must have completed at least 18* credits of MACJ coursework prior to the start of the internship                                                            Must not have registered for an independent study                                                                                                                                                Must have a 3.00 GPA or better                                                                                                                                                                                      *For graduate students who will have completed 15 credits at the end of the semester prior to the start of the internship who wish to complete an internship and who have not registered for an independent study, determination of eligibility to proceed with an internship for credit will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Program Chair and the Internship Coordinator.

CRIM internships are asynchronous. There are no class meetings required. 

2023 Spring Semester Application: (application opens Oct 3, 2022)

Applications: CRIM internship placements can be extremely competitive. Most sites accept between 1-4 interns so the application process must be a priority the semester before you intern. Some sites require Stockton to make initial contact and others require specific qualifications. Our internship coordinator has a contact person for each of our affiliated sites and will share information on applying with you when you meet. Please schedule your meeting as soon as you have familiarized yourself with all 6 steps on the internship main page and no later than 2 weeks after you complete the application:

Please do not contact any organization for an academic internship until the internship coordinator has approved your placement.

CRIM students typically intern with police, courts, or corrections. When completing the application, please identify 3-5 specific sites of interest. Students may have to successfully pass a background check if required by the sponsoring agency and incur the cost of this process.  In cases of demonstrated need, financial aid may be available to assist with the cost by contacting the SOBL Office.

During CRIM internships, students will:

  • Work directly in the field
  • Clarify career goals and assess professional options
  • Integrate knowledge from Crim classes with real world employment experience