Childhood Studies and Psychology Fieldwork

Childhood Studies fieldwork (PSYC 3904) are a great way to gain experience working with children. Students can intern at any approved business that works with children ages 0-17 or emerging adults ages 18-25.

This class meets in person every other week. Please see the course registration page for information on class times. 

Spring 2023 Application: (application opens Oct 3, 2022)

As you embark on your search for a suitable field placement site, please read the first chapter and the appendix of our textbook (Baird & Mollen, 2019) in a Google Drive folder entitled “Excerpts from Baird and Mollen (2019).” They should provide some useful guidance. You can access the folder by clicking on the following link with your Stockton credentials:

Placement environments include: Schools, Child Care Centers, Community Mental Health Agencies, Partial Hospitalization Programs, and Non-Profit Social Service Centers. When thinking through where you'd like to intern, choose a placement that best fits your career goals so that you can learn about working in that environment and create connections for a future job or choose an age group you haven't worked with previously.

Applications: Most sites accept between 1-4 interns so the application process must be a priority the semester before you intern. Some sites require Stockton to make initial contact and others require specific qualifications. Our internship coordinator has a contact person for each of our affiliated sites and will share information on applying with you when you meet. Please schedule your meeting as soon as you have familiarized yourself with all 6 steps on the internship main page and no later than 2 weeks after you complete the application:

Note that PSYC majors can enroll in PSYC3904-Field Placement in Childhood Studies to substitute for PSYC3900-Field Placement in Psychology, so long as the placement site is appropriate, and a substitution form is completed and approved by the relevant professor.

Testimonials from Students

“I learned a lot about the many theories in regard to child development and the background knowledge of my other classmates in education, social work, and psychology settings.”

“With our papers, the textbook, and class discussions, I have learned a lot about what it takes for professionals in the related field. My internship was at an elementary school, so it was a little different from a psychologist or something similar, but the course focuses on working with children/adolescents, so I learned a ton about that.”

“I am motivated by the fact that working with children is very eminent and something new is discovered every day.”