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Fall 2022 Issue

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The Essential Elements was designed for the School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics students and alumni. The publication will be published in the summer.

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Submissions for the magazine's student/alumni update page are subject to editing for clarity and length. Please include your name, address and phone number for confirmation.


Dean of the School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Amanda Norvell


Assistant Dean of the School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Thushani Rodrigo-Peiris

Editor / Web Designer

Adriane Sicknick '13, M.A. '19

Special thanks to Dan Gambert with web assistance

Contributing Writers 

Steve Evert '05
Dr. Kelly Keenan
Adriane Sicknick '13, M.A. '19
Jacalyn Toth Sullivan, M.S.
Dr. Judith Vogel

Copy Editing & Proofreading

Mandee McCullough '04
Adriane Sicknick '13, M.A. '19

Photography & Videography

Adobe Stock
Somyi Baek '13
Dr. James McManus '86
Michael O'Malley '12
Stockton University Marketing and Relations 
Jacalyn Toth Sullivan, M.S. 
Dr. Judith Vogel
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