Hughes Center Research Reception

The Hughes Center Research Reception

On Oct. 1, 2015, the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy hosted the Hughes Center Research Reception to celebrate the research of faculty and staff. The evening commenced with a speech given by Stockton’s Interim President Harvey Kesselman, who addressed the audience: “This display of research is illustrative of becoming interwoven with who we are, and both the Hughes Center and the institution gain from that relationship.”

The president deeply thanked everyone involved in the research project, and singled out a few notable individuals for special recognition: David Carr, an “incredibly strong supporter” of the Hughes Center; Sharon Schulman, former executive director of the Hughes Center and a "guiding light" for the institution, in addition to being a reliable fundraiser; and Darryl Greer, the founding executive director of the New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities, and "the voice of higher education in New Jersey."

Dr. Kesselman also recognized the Stockton Polling Institute headed by John Froonjian, for its rising status as a formidable branch of the Hughes Center and employing approximately hundred students at times.