Contact us in Room B108, 609-652-4535 

Meet the Team, 2018 - 2019

Dr. Merydawilda Colón, Ph.D., LSW

Dr. Merydawilda Colón, Ph.D., LSW, Executive Director of the Stockton Center for Community Engagement & Tenured Professor of Social Work

609.652.4535 | B-110
Patricia W. Collins, MA/OM

Patricia W. Collins, MA/OM, Community Engagement Liaison & Adjunct Instructor

609.652.4456  | B-108
Heather Swenson Brilla, MSW, LSW

Heather Swenson Brilla, MSW, LSW, Community Projects Coordinator and Adjunct Instructor

609.626.5531 | B-108

Meet the Faculty Fellow  

Dr. Christina Jackson, Ph.D.

Dr. Christina Jackson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology

609.626.3422 | C-142

 Meet the Student Fellows

Samantha Adelman

Samantha Adelman, Homework Completion Program

Sophomore, Education
Izabelle DelRoss

Izabelle DelRoss,  English Learners Program

Freshman, History Major, Education Concentration
Sabrina Delgado

Sabrina Delgado, Homework Completion Program

Junior, Health Science 
Emily Medwick

Emily Medwick, Homework Completion Program and the Campus Kitchen

Senior, Health Sciences
Christine Whaley

Christine Whaley, Homework Completion Program

Junior, Math Education
Jason Rehani

Jason Rehani,  

Junior, Business
Tricia Onyango

Tricia Onyango, Homework Completion Program

Sophomore, Psychology
Gianna Nitti

Gianna Nitti, Data Collection and Analysis

Graduate Student, Criminal Justice
Cailee Readie

Cailee Readie, Homework Completion Program

Junior, Criminal Justice
Kerstin Maguire

Kerstin Maguire, Homework Completion Program 

Sophomore, History Major, Concentration in Education
Erika Perez

Erika Perez, Homework Completion Program

Senior, Environmental Science
Nashalie Ayala

Nashalie Ayala, Homework Completion Program

Junior, Environmental Science
Lauren Whaley

Lauren Whaley,  Homework Completion Program

Mariam Eskander

Mariam Eskander,  Homework Completion Program and Naturalization Classes

Sophomore, Political Science Major (pre-law), Economics and Global Studies Minor
Marina Eskander

Marina Eskander,  Homework Completion Program

Sophomore, Biology Major (pre-med)
Melissa Trinh

Melissa Trinh,  Homework Completion Program and Dr. Jackson's Student Fellow

 Senior, Sociology/Anthropology Major
Jonathan Schwartz

Jonathan Schwartz, Campus Kitchens

Julissa Juarez

Julissa Juarez, Homework Completion Program

Chrissy Bishop

Chrissy Bishop, Homework Completion Program

Alumna Fellow
Hannyah Alford

Hannyah Alford, Homework Completion Program

Freshman, Literature Major, Education Concentration
Kyrah McQueen

Kyrah McQueen, Homework Completion Prorgam

Graduate Student, MBA