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Linking College to Careers

parents with their childrenWe have a common goal to see your student become career ready.  Ideally each student will visit our office to utilize the services and understand the value and benefits offered.  Realistically that might or might not happen.  National research indicates that only 5% of entering first year students think they need career assistance.  That does not mean you need to take a back seat in the process.  You will find some helpful resources below that can help guide you as a parent in your child's career development process.  We know that you are your student's greatest supporter and we hope the information on this website will help advise and coach your student in his or her career exploration. 

Please feel free to contact us at 609-652-4650 if you have questions or need additional information.

Job possibilities exist for all students.  Something that may be surprising is that the majority of employers who post jobs on our online job positing site -- Handshake-- do not specify a major when recruiting.  That is, they want an educated person -- and a particular major is secondary.  We know from research conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers that all employers want general skills such as technological competencies, interpersonal and communication skills.  For more specific information about these skills click here.

We have a plethora of links that will help students with their job search.  Click here for specific job listings.

Additionally, students are often served very well by attending Career Fairs.  We have several Career Fairs on our own campus.  We also list many Career Fairs hosted by others in various locations.

Career Education & Development provides comprehensive services to current students and alumni.  Our goal is to help students make a successful transition from education to the world of work.

Services provided include:

  • Career Advising
  • Choosing a Major and Minor
  • Exploring What You Can Do With Various Major
  • Resume Reviews
  • Internship Assistance
  • Interview and Job Search Preparation
  • On-Campus Recruiting
  • Online Database of Employers & Job Openings
  • Graduate School Information & Assistance
  • Career & Internship Fairs
  • Network of Alumni Mentors

Students interested in working on-campus should first look at their financial aid package to see if Federal Work-Study is included in the package.  The Federal Work-Study Program provides jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses.  Many offices on Stockton's campus hire Federal Work-Study students every semester.  For any questions regarding the Federal Work-Study Program including your student's eligibility and a list of offices on-campus that typically hire Work-Study students please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Whether your student has Work-Study or does not the process for finding a job on-campus is the same.  The student should contact any office that he/she might be interested in working to see if they have any student positions available and inquire how to apply.  Some of the bigger employers on-campus for non-Work-Study students are Chartwell's Dining Service, the Bookstore, Athletics and Computer Services.  This list of offices that hire Work-Study students might also be a helpful list to those without Work-Study funds.

Students can find local part-time job listings on Career Education & Development's job and internship posting site - Handshake. 

Yes!  Your student may make an appointment with a career advisor to discuss their options and build a strategy for exploring various majors.  Your student may also want to check out the Choosing Majors & Careers section of our website for additional resources and suggestions.
There is no set time when a student should start using Career Education & Development.  Some freshmen know exactly what they want to do and may not use Career Education & Development until their sophomore or junior year when they are ready to find an internship or begin working on their resume.  However freshmen who are undecided about their major or career possibilities should definitely make an appointment with a career advisor to begin the career exploration and decision-making process.  Career Education & Development has something to offer all Stockton students, freshmen through graduate students. 
Check out our Where Our Graduates Work pages to get a snapshot of where Stockton graduates have gotten jobs, landed internships or been accepted to graduate school.
Career Education & Development offers a few assessment inventories for students to identify interests, skills, and personality. Encourage your student to meet with their career advisor to learn more.

Students can start increasing their chances of finding a good full-time job their freshmen year.  Many students get part-time jobs either on or off-campus.  Part-time jobs are great for learning transferable skills (skills all employers look for such as teamwork, leadership, flexibility, time management, etc.).

Encourage your student to get involved on campus.  There are several ways in which a student can do that:  student organizations, student government, volunteer work, activities, Greek organizations and more.  For more information about getting involved on-campus, please check with the Office of Student Development or check the Campus Life page for other involvement opportunities for students.

Another way to enhance their chances of finding a good full-time job is to get an internship in their area of study, or in an area of strong career interest.  Often employers hire interns full-time after graduation.

Students need to utilize Career Education & Development.  We offer workshops and events that help students develop job search-related skills and connect with potential employers.  It's also important for them to make an appointment with a career advisor.  Students can make appointments with a career advisor at any time by calling the office at 609-652-4650.  Additionally, Career Education & Development's website has a list of state and national job search engines that students can utilize 24/7.

Graduate school is not the place to postpone "real life" or decisions about a career direction.  Graduate programs are intense and demand that a student commit most of his/her time and energy to the study of a specific academic area.  The student should confirm his/her interests by talking with faculty members and graduate students in the area.  Check out websites and conferences or related professional associations.  Visit professionals in different career environments to see what the work is really like.  It is very important that your student gathers information from professionals in the field. 

Once your student has his/her area of interest decided; then it's time to narrow down the list of potential institutions.  When evaluating programs, consider admissions requirements, academic program emphasis, reputation/program quality, faculty, facilities, accreditation, cost, financial aid, location, size and post-grad school employment.  Your student may want to make an appointment with a career counselor and check out the resources and information on our Graduate School page.


Pay close attention to deadlines for applications and test dates.  Most schools require a copy of your student's college transcript, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement of purpose or application essay.

If your student is interested in attending graduate school, have them make an appointment with a career advisor.  Career advisors can help with everything from reviewing personal statements to preparing for intereviews.  Our webpage on applying to Graduate School is also full of resources and information related to managing the application process.

Helping Your Student With The Career Planning Process:

You are your student's greatest supporter and this handout will help you advise and coach your student in his or her career exploration and decision-making. 

Top Ten Parent Tips:

For the top 10 things you can do to help your child succeed in their career development, check out thisgreat article by a well known professional in the field of career development.

Skills Employers Want:

What are employers looking for in job candidates?  What kinds of skills should students be aiming to develop?  Click here to find out.

Where Stockton Graduates Work:

Check out our Graduate Outcomes page, or our Where Our Graduates Work page. Or, contact us at 609-652-4650 to find out where Stockton graduates have landed jobs and where they have been accepted to graduate school.

Recommended Reading for Parents:

Here is a great list of books that specifically focus on how to support your student through the career development process. 

Additional Career Resources for Parents:

Career Key provides a list of additional career exploration resources that may be useful in helping your student find his/her best career fit.

Get Involved as a Parent!

Post a Job or Internship:

Post your employment and internship opportunities, Handshake, free of charge.  This will give Stockton students and alumni 24-hour access to your job listings.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities:

Create more buzz about your organization by partnering with Career Education & Development!  Call us today for more information:  609-652-4650

Family & Friends:

Looking for more opportunities to connect with the college and other Stockton parents?  Check out the Family & Friends resources and events.