Content Creation Tools

While Stockton University faculty, staff, and students are provided access to the Microsoft Office 365 Suite, this does not encompass all of the functionality your computer offers. These valuable tools are included in your computer’s operating system and can be used to create learning artifacts and other content.

Microsoft Windows:

  • Snipping Tool
    • Available to Windows users since the release of Windows Vista, the snipping tool provides a quick and easy method of creating and editing screenshots.
  • Voice-Over-Powerpoint
    • Narration is a powerful tool, and can help bridge the gap between traditional lecture delivery and online self-directed learning. This tool will embed your voice and timing into Powerpoint presentations, which can then either be uploaded directly to your course or rendered into videos for use on our NJVid streaming service.
  • Steps Recorder
    • Introduced in Windows 7 as “Problem Steps Recorder”, this program works to record user activity on a computer to files which can then be shared. An example would be recording and sharing login procedures to a third-party site.


  • Creating Screenshots
    • Screenshots are an invaluable tool for sharing information, and creating them is as easy as a keyboard shortcut in MacOS. By default, screenshots are saved to the desktop as .png image files.
  • Quicktime Screen Recorder
    • While Quicktime is best known as a video player, its incarnation in MacOS has the ability to create screen recordings. Whether you’re recording the screen alone or with narration, the Quicktime player is an excellent place to begin.
  • Preview Tool – Image and PDF Editing & Annotation
    • The preview tool is primarily used to display images, but it also has a robust set of PDF annotation features including signatures, text editing, and adding shapes.