Stockton Student Television

SSTV (Campus Center Suite 206) is an on-campus service for students to create original media content. Students are able produce, direct, edit and host projects using SSTV's in-office equipment. SSTV Staff works closely with students in order to create multi-platform and ingenious content.

Get Involved in Media Production at SSTV! 

Students that join SSTV, which is fun, friendly and energized,  will have many opportunities to enhance skills in media writing, on-camera etiquette, formal and informal interviews and studio equipment set up and break down.

“For Students, By Students!”

SSTV Member interviewing Nicole from Q102

SSTV member interviews Seth Grossman and Jeff Van Drew.

Step into the light with SSTV!

SSTV Students have many opportunities to interview special guests at Stockton University. Celebrities, politicians and well known public figures visit the University. SSTV members are able to interact and capture the talents' stories on camera.  Having an outlet for students and interviewees to share their stories, is a great way to give back to the community.

Photo Gallery

Student Reporting Interviwing a group Students infront of SSTV office

Student Interviewing Former Stockton Employee


Student reporter with school mascot

SSTV member interviewing stduent on campus

student and politican