President's Message

Harvey Kesselman

President's Message

A Message from President Harvey Kesselman

As we continue to celebrate our 50th anniversary of teaching, it is exciting to look back at the University’s humble beginnings at the Mayflower Hotel and see just how far we have come. Students began attending classes at the Galloway campus in 1972, and since then we’ve added a lot of buildings, notably our Campus Center, Unified Science Center, and the John F. Scarpa Health Sciences Center. We’ve returned to Atlantic City and we recently broke ground on a second residential building in Atlantic City.

While Stockton in a physical sense is planted in South Jersey and continues to grow, I know that what makes Stockton truly special is not the buildings but the people who occupy them. Our small “college in the pines” was founded on the ideal of providing an affordable liberal arts education and developing engaged citizens and I think we’ve done a pretty good job of doing just that.

This issue of Stockton Now highlights just a few of the people who are influencing our current generation of scholars and enhancing the value of a Stockton degree long after their graduation.

Current Geology students Steven Tapanes and Allison Reid spent their summer getting hands-on research experience in Montana thanks to a USGS grant secured by their professor Jeffrey Webber.

Henry Glickel ’85 created the school’s first Academic Housing Unit to provide a space for students to focus on their studies and has used his Stockton experience to build his sales recruiting business and provide meaningful opportunities for current students.

Our new Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Leamor Kahanov is more than just the leader of our academic programs. She’s a first-generation American and college student, an avid gardener, a chicken farmer and former Olympic trainer.

Four recent alumni from our Cannabis Studies minor are out in the business world and finding innovative solutions in the blossoming industry of recreational cannabis.

However large our physical footprint may grow, it will never measure up to the reach and influence of our Ospreys near and far. I invite you stay connected with Stockton as we continue to celebrate our 50th anniversary of teaching and submit your own memories as well.

Go Ospreys!

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Dr. Harvey Kesselman, President 
Stockton University