Mission Statement

The Staff Senate of Stockton University serves as an official representative body elected by the staff (hereinafter “Electorate”) to “enhance inclusion of staff members in shared governance” (Stockton University's Middle States Self Study 2022, p.3) As a clear definition of shared governance is not currently accepted by all parties, Staff Senate does not seek to usurp the collaborative process and independently create a definition of such.  Staff Senate will move forward with the meaning of shared governance as currently understood by unions, Faculty Senate, etc., outlined in the Self Study for Middle States Accreditation and Strategic Plan 2025 - Choosing Our Path (6.1) At such time that the institution finalizes the review of the Strategic Plan 2025 6.1 to strengthen shared governance practices and develops a definition of shared governance, Staff Senate, per Articles II and IV of the Constitution will review and make any necessary adjustments to incorporate changes in the developed definition from the currently accepted communal understanding.

The staff senate commits to maintaining a diverse, fair, and equitable workplace for all staff employees.